The Dark Knight Rises

image source: Warner Bros, via YouTube

Batman The Dark Knight Rises (Movie Trailer)

How’s this for a Holiday treat?? The first movie trailer for The Dark Knight Rises— the epic conclusion of the Batman Trilogy– is online now! The trailer showed up during select IMAX screenings of Mission: […]


Anne Hathaway on Conan via YouTube

Anne Hathaway Gets All Gangsta On Conan!

Actress Anne Hathaway got all “street” on Conan last night, showing off her rapping… eh… skills? When Conan asked Anne to come up with a song about her troubles with the Paparazzi, she busted out […]



The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Leaks Online!

The most anticipated trailer (yes, we’re only talking about a trailer here) in years has found its way onto the internet with the leak of the teaser for “The Dark Knight Rises”.  The lead happened […]


Batman Has His New Villains

The Dark Knight Rises has its villains now. Anne Hathaway is joining the cast as Selina Kyle, a role Michelle Pfeiffer played in the original Batman. Hathaway will suit up as Catwoman!