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The Crazyman Explains Halloween

The original Crazyman of the radio explains Halloween!



The Crazyman Explains Tax Day!

The Crazyman is back, to explain Tax Day! Crazy got hit for a whole $25 he has to pay in to the great state of CT– but what the heck can the state do with a measly twenty five bucks???


Crazyman talks Pats

The Crazyman Goes Off On The Pats

The Crazyman checks in to talk all about the Patriots’ obsessive fans– between changing Facebook profile photos to the Pats logo, to spending thousands of bucks on football gear, it’s just ridiculous!


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Happy New Year From The Crazyman

The Crazyman is feeling down because he has to spend the New Year in a mental health hospital. The Doc sends him a surprise and Crazy watches the ball drop in Times Square.



CRAZY For The Holidays!

It’s that time of the year, and The Crazyman gets out of the hospital! Watch the latest video, as Crazy gets a gift for the season…


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The Crazyman Show Episode 5… Now With A Special Outtake!

Last Friday we debuted episode 5 of The Crazyman Show… now, we’ve got a special edition of the episode, with a special outtake! Check out The Crazyman Show Episode 5: “The Shrink,” and be sure […]


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The Crazyman Show Episode 4

The Crazyman is back again! In this installment,  Dr Phil visits, and and a sexy nurse gives Crazy the shot of his life!!


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The Crazyman Show Episode 3 Has Landed!

The Crazyman gets a call from his agent Shecky… and gets a gig!


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The Crazyman Explains Thanksgiving

Listen up as Crazy explains everything you need to know about Thanksgiving!


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Coming Soon… The Crazyman And Tom Hanks In… “Crazy Gump”

Here’s a sneak peek at The Crazyman’s latest project… “Crazy Gump” with Tom Hanks!!


christine cop

Christine Lee As A Cop!

In honor of the cop that got caught doing the nasty, here’s Christine Lee as a cop from a previous episode of The Crazyman Show!


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The New And IMPROVED Crazyman News

It’s the new and IMPROVED edition of Crazyman News! Watch Crazy give the lowdown on the J-Lo/ Marc Antony Split, Cheap Trick’s stage collapse incident, and Harry Potter’s box office…



The Crazyman Explains Graduation

The Crazyman is back! Listen to his take on what Graduation really means…



Happy Memorial Day From The Crazyman!

Here’s a special Memorial Day message from The Crazyman!


Crazy delivered to room

The Crazyman Is At It Again!

Listen to the latest from The Crazyman!



The Crazyman Explains The Snow

Crazy is back, and this time he’s here to explain the snow!


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The Crazyman Show – Happy New Year At Happydale

It’s a Happy New Year at Happydale– and here’s The Crazyman to ring in the new year!!



The Crazyman Explains The Holidays

The Crazyman takes time out of his busy schedule to explain the Holidays…


The Crazyman Show episode 2 with special guest, Donald Trump!

The Crazyman Show Episode 2

In episode 2, Crazyman gets a visit from his accountant Morris Katzman, who tells Crazy that he’s broke.  To get some money, Crazyman imagines what it might be like to have his own late night […]


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The Crazyman Explains Thanksgiving

The Crazyman is back, just in time to explain the true meaning of Thanksgiving!


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The Crazyman’s Guide To Finding A Mate

The Crazyman has a special message today, for all you lonely hearts out there… take a listen to Crazy explaining how to get a mate!



The Crazyman Explains State Fairs

Did you ever wonder what the deal is with State Fairs? Well, The Crazyman is here to explain everything you need to know!!


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Lost Footage From The Original Crazyman Show

The Crazyman TV Show originally broadcast in 1974 in Tucson Arizona. Up to now, this vintage footage was lost. The Crazyman was sentenced to life in a dank, dark dungeon for unspeakable crimes while hosting […]


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The Crazyman Show From 1974! Crazy Gets It On The Head

The Crazyman TV Show from 1974 on KVOA TV Tucson, Arizona. In this break, Crazyman takes it on the head.