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Chris Colfer Dances With His Pets to Taylor Swift

Chris Colfer won the internet this week. He also won a People’s Choice Award.

96.5 TIC–01/08/2015

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Is Your Cat Judging You?

Forget the Illuminati. Feline world domination is a thing that is happening.

96.5 TIC–11/05/2014

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Fat Cat Squeezes Into Kitten-Sized Toy

Endless fun for tiny kittens, but more of a challenge when your furry love handles stick to the sides.

96.5 TIC–09/02/2014

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Does Your Cat Sit Like This?

My cat is portly. Click the link to see how he sits with his legs spread out behind him like a dog. It’s funny!

96.5 TIC–07/02/2014

Medley and Maestro 
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Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem’ – Remixed by Cats!!

Ariana Grande’s hit song ‘Problem’ gets remixed by cats! And it’s PURRfect!!!

96.5 TIC–06/09/2014

Medley and Maestro 
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11 Famous Feline Fanatics

It’s not unusual to see pics of celebrities toting their beloved canines all around Hollywood. But which celebs love kittehs? Let’s lurk their Instagram accounts and share the whiskers and purrs! Some of these cat lovers may even surprise you!

96.5 TIC–04/13/2014


No More Monkeying Around: The Saga Of Justin Bieber’s Monkey, OG Mally

Justin Bieber has been known to monkey around a bit — he just turned 19 a little over a month ago, after all. But now it’s the singer’s new pet, a capuchin monkey named OG […]


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Devo Gets Political With Song About Mitt Romney’s Dog

Mitt Romney has been hard-pressed to live down a now-infamous road trip to Canada in 1983, in which he strapped his dog Seamus to the roof of his station wagon in a kennel for what he thought was a suitable transportation method for 12 hours. But eccentric new-wavers Devo, like the political left, are not letting the Republican presidential candidate forget about the debacle any time soon.


Missing Dog Returns Home After Five Years

A dog that was missing for five years showed back up at his owner’s front steps last week. Impressive, right?  More impressive is that the owner, Myrna Carillo, has moved four (4!) times over those […]


Tortoise Helps Fallen Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed.  Need more proof?  Just watch as one tortoise comes to the aid of his fallen friend.