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Jason Mraz Plants Trees At Burns School In Hartford

The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day in Hartford as Knox Parks, Billings Forge Community Works, 96.5 TIC and a great team of volunteers from the community teamed up with Jason Mraz […]


(Charles Eshelman/Getty Images)

Jason Mraz “Won’t Give Up” Going Green

While Mraz is leaving his mark across the country, his tour itself is leaving as little impact on the environment as possible.


(Photo by Charles Eshelman/Getty Images)

Jason Mraz “Won’t Give Up” Going Green

“Tour” may be a Four-Letter Word, but “Green” is an even more important term for Jason Mraz. The artist wants to leave a positive stamp on the places he’s been on his latest tour, and he’s doing it in the best way possible– by planting trees and “greening” up the cities he hits.



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