The Gadgetista Talks PasswordsThere's some dangers in the virtual world-- like phishing, hijacking, ransomware-- and one of the easiest ways to prevent becoming a victim is to stay on top of your passwords. Here's a few tips to make your passwords strong and safe.
The Gadgetista: A Look at the Best New PhonesThe Gadgetista is waiting patiently for the Samsung Note 6 to come out, but that's just one of many great phones getting set for release this year. With Dads and Grads in need of gifts in the coming month, perhaps some of these new devices would make the perfect present. Get all the details...
The Gadgetista: (G-Rated) Virtual Online ExperiencesWelcome to the world of virtual online experiences! The Gadgetista takes us on a tour of some of the latest trends.
The Gadgetista Talks The Dangers of RansomWare
The Gadgetista Talks New Tech Items Coming SoonApple and Samsung both have some really cool new tech items coming very soon, and The Gadgetista breaks them down for us!
Q&A With The GadgetistaThe Gadgetista delves into her (e)mail bag, to answer some of the most pressing questions you have about technology! Read on for all the answers.
The Gadgetista Reveals Some Apple Easter EggsLast week, The Gadgetista offered some cool Easter Eggs you'll find on Android and Google. Now she's back with some of the fun features hidden in Apple's products and programs!
The Gadgetista Talks Programming Easter EggsThe Gadgetista has some info on Easter Eggs... not the ones you're thinking of. Nope, she's looking at the surprises programmers have hidden in Google Chrome and your smartphone! If you know how to get to them, these things can offer you a special treat!
The Gadgetista Looks at Fitness TrackersIt's a New Year, and that means everyone is focused on fitness... and there's a wide variety of fitness trackers which can help you stay the course and reach your goals. The Gadgetista breaks down some of the best options.
The Gadgetista Talks Medical TechA few weeks back, The Gadgetista talked about some of the coolest stuff at CES, and now she's spotlighting some of the Medical tech that was shown this year.
Go Inside the Consumer Electronics Show with The GadgetistaThe CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is taking place right now, and the Gadgetista shares some of the highlight products shown at this year's event.
The Gadgetista Explains How Not To Be a Victim of Public WifiPublic Wifi sounds great, but can be very problematic. Whether you're traveling, in a hotel, or come across a major network from a company like Xfinity, it can leave your identity potentially unsafe and insecure. Here's how to stay safe on public wifi.

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