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The Gadgetista: Apps To Help Fix Parking TicketsTired of getting tickets for parking your car? Whether you're resolving an issue or trying to avoid your next fine, the Gadgetista has some cool apps that will help you find the perfect-- and perfectly legal-- parking space.
Talking Upgrades and Space With The GadgetistaOver 400,000 people have discovered they have upgrades available for their phones, but their device does not have memory space to support it. When a new operating system comes out, you need the space on your device to download it. What is the best thing to do?
The Gadgetista Talks Cell Phones For ChildrenKids and cell phones. It can be a tricky thing for parents to figure out, so The Gadgetista shares some insight into when the best time might be to introduce your children to cell phones and other technology.
The Gadgetista Explains the Apple AnnouncementApple announced some updates, and The Gadgetista is here to break it down for us. Read on for the latest Apple developments!
The Gadgetista Talks Amazon EchoHave you heard of Alexa? That's a name that you may be using a lot in the near future, thanks to the new device called Echo, which the Gadgetista wanted to share with us.
The Gadgetista Introduces The New Samsung PhonesIf you watched any TV this weekend, you likely saw ads for the new Samsung phones-- the Galaxy Note5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+. They're both pretty cool phones, and The Gadgetista wants to shine the spotlight on them.
The Gadgetista: Cool Tech For RunnersRunning is a great way to unplug... even when your phone is still plugged in! The Gadgetista has some cool apps and other technology to help you get out and get moving!
The Gadgetista: Making Your Car WiFi CompatibleSummer is the season for vacations and stay-cations, and the Gadgetista is helping you road warriors out with some tips on making your car WiFi compatible.
The Gadgetista: Keeping Your Home Safe & SecureThe summer means it's time for vacations, and the Gadgetista has some tips on how to keep your home safe and secure while you are away.
The Gadgetista Talks Apps For New ParentsDamon is about to be a dad again, so The Gadgetista wanted to share some great apps that are useful for any new parent. Read on for all the details!
The Gadgetista Talks The Roku 3The Gadgetista picked up the Roku 3, and she wanted to shine the spotlight on this great new gadget.
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