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The Gadgetista Talks Amazon Echo

Have you heard of Alexa? That’s a name that you may be using a lot in the near future, thanks to the new device called Echo, which the Gadgetista wanted to share with us.


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The Gadgetista Introduces The New Samsung Phones

If you watched any TV this weekend, you likely saw ads for the new Samsung phones– the Galaxy Note5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+. They’re both pretty cool phones, and The Gadgetista wants to shine the spotlight on them.


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The Gadgetista: Cool Tech For Runners

Running is a great way to unplug… even when your phone is still plugged in! The Gadgetista has some cool apps and other technology to help you get out and get moving!


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The Gadgetista: Making Your Car WiFi Compatible

Summer is the season for vacations and stay-cations, and the Gadgetista is helping you road warriors out with some tips on making your car WiFi compatible.


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The Gadgetista: Keeping Your Home Safe & Secure

The summer means it’s time for vacations, and the Gadgetista has some tips on how to keep your home safe and secure while you are away.


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The Gadgetista Talks Apps For New Parents

Damon is about to be a dad again, so The Gadgetista wanted to share some great apps that are useful for any new parent. Read on for all the details!


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The Gadgetista Talks The Roku 3

The Gadgetista picked up the Roku 3, and she wanted to shine the spotlight on this great new gadget.


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The Gadgetista: Free vs Paid Apps

The Gadgetista breaks down the difference between free and paid apps, and shows how spending a couple bucks to buy an app could save you money in the long run.


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The Gadgetista Explains Real IDs

Next time you get your license renewed at the DMV or AAA, you will be able to get a Real ID, a new Federal ID which will be mandatory by 2017. The Gadgetista has all the details you need to know to get started on your path to a Real ID today.


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The Gadgetista Talks Google’s Project Fi

The Gadgetista wants to tell us about an interesting development that will knock Verizon and AT&T on their keisters… Project Fi, the new thing from Google.


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The Gadgetista Talks Recycling Gadgets

This week is Earth Day, and The Gadgetista has some info to share to help keep the planet clean.


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The Gadgetista: Watching Baseball Via Technology

When you stream stuff on a computer, there are usually some cons that come with it, such as Malware loading onto your computer, or toolbars and surveys that automatically load. But there’s some great sites to stream live sports without all that nonsense.


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The Gadgetista’s Tips To Improve Your WiFi Speed

Nothing is worse than a slow connection or constant buffering, so make sure you are fully optimizing your wireless connection. The Gadgetista shares some tips on how to improve your home WiFi to make it faster and more efficient.

96.5 TIC–03/31/2015

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The Gadgetista: Preventing High Tech Break Ins

She knows all things technologically, uh, technological. She’s smarter than Damon when it comes to stuff… she’s The Gadgetista!


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The Gadgetista Talks the Apple Watch & More

The biggest reveal at Apple’s keynote on Monday was the new Apple Watch, and the Gadgetista has the rundown on this new piece of tech.


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The Gadgetista Talks Voice Control

Most smart phones feature voice control– whether it’s Siri on Apple or Google Now on Android– but many people don’t use these features to their full advantage. The Gadgetista is here to help!


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The Gadgetista Shares Awesome Life Hacks

The Gadgetista has discovered some awesome new life hacks that made her life easier, and she wants to share them with us! Here’s the latest tech advances to keep things simpler in your life…


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The Gadgetista: 4 Coolest Things From CES

CES, the big tech convention, just took place last week, and The Gadgetista has assembled the four coolest new developments to be revealed. Here’s the rundown on this year’s must-own gadgets.


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The Gadgetista: Five Best Places To Get Information On A New Device

People don’t really use half of what’s on their device! Why not unleash its full potential? Here are some ways to find information on what all your new toy can do!

96.5 TIC–01/06/2015

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The Gadgetista Shares Some Christmas Apps

The Holiday season is in full swing, but before Christmas gets here, the Gadgetista wants to share some cool Holiday apps that will make this season even better! Check these out:


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The Gadgetista: How Your Phone Can Save You Money, Headaches & Hassle

It’s almost time for the busiest shopping weekend of the year, and The Gadgetista has some tips apps and new tech which can save you a lot of headaches and hassle… and some money, too!


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The Gadgetista: Apps That Help You Cut Through Clutter

Cut down on your clutter and save time with some very cool apps to streamline your life…


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The Gadgetista: Cool Things You Can Learn To Do Online

The web can be such a valuable resource for learning new, cool and unique things… so The Gadgetista is here to share some cool things you can learn to do online.


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The Gadgetista Talks Awesome Stuff To Do With Your Phone

Yeah, yeah… Nobody really remembers you can use your phone as a phone these days… But our mobile devices can do lots of cool, stuff you may not be aware of. And this week, the Gadgetista showcases some of those awesome things!


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The Gadgetista Shares Some Gadget Pranks

With Halloween coming later this week, the Gadgetista wants to up the TRICK part of the holiday, with some cool and fun pranks you can feature on your phone. Get in the Halloween spirit and spook some of your friends with these cool gadgets!


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The Gadgetista Talks Spy Gadgets

What’s the coolest thing about spies like James Bond? All their awesome gadgets! This week, Tne Gadgetista shares some real-life spy gear that’s actually available for purchase. Here’s some cool tools to check out if you want to go deep undercover…


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The Gadgetista: Fun Apps To Use On The Toilet

Here’s a theme Damon can certainly get behind– The Gadgetista is here with a list of some fun apps to use while you’re on the toilet! Check it out…


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The Gadgetista: How To Prep Your Old Phone Before You Get Rid Of It

Since there’s so many good new phones out there, the Gadgetista wanted to share some tips on how to prepare your old phone to get rid of, to sell or trade in. Here’s what to do before you upgrade.


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The Gadgetista: The Straight Story On the Bending iPhone 6

The big buzz in the tech world recently has been the iPhone 6… but it’s not all good press! Videos have surfaced showing what appears to be the phone being bent and distorted, so The Gadgetista is here to set the story straight and separate myths from facts.


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The Gadgetista’s Celebrity App Round-Up

You know the old saying about famous people– they still put their pants on, one legs at a time… Well, they also use apps on their phones, the same as the rest of us! And the Gadgetista has some fun apps which celebs use.