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The Date Doctor: Handling Criticism

The way we handle criticism can really impact our relationships, so Jaimy is going to break it down into how we handle criticism, and how that effects our relationships.


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The Date Doctor: Walking On Eggshells

For those of you in relationships, there is nothing quite as uncomfortable as walking on eggshells. You’re always worrying about saying the wrong thing, even if you have the best of intentions… and if it’s going good, you never know when it will fall apart. do Jaimy has some tips on how to deal with this situation.


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The Date Doctor: Ask Jaimy – August 2014

The mailbag is open, so that can only mean it’s time for another round of questions and answers with Ask Jaimy! Get the latest advice from the Date Doctor as she answers questions from lovely listeners just like you!


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The Date Doctor: Dating Dress Code in the Summer

People can really screw this up in the Summer, so Jaimy is here to share some tips on proper dating dress code during the heat.



The Date Doctor: Slang Words To Know About

The Date Doctor is here to share some vocab words and slang which you might hear in the dating world… How many of these have you heard of?


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The Date Doctor Talks How To Put Yourself Out There Properly

Jaimy has been doing a ton of makeovers, so she wanted to revisit some helpful tips and what to do– and NOT to do– to put yourself out there in the best way possible.


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The Date Doctor Talks Boomerangs

Do you know what boomerangs do? They always come back… and people can be the same way! The Date Doctor shares four reasons why boomerangs never stay gone, and what you can do to break the cycle.


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Ask Jaimy, with The Date Doctor

It’s time for another round of Ask Jaimy, where our very own Date Doctor answers your burning questions about love, dating and romance. Read on for the latest answers!


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The Date Doctor: What To Never Say During an Argument

Arguments are a part of any relationship, like it or not… but there’s some things you should NEVER say when you’re arguing. Jaimy breaks down the worst things to say during a fight.


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The Date Doctor Talks Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was this past weekend, and Jaimy has advice for all kinds of mom. whether you’re young or older, single or married… here’s some tips to help make your happiness and romantic life all it can be.


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The Date Doctor: Traveling Tips When You’re Dating

Jaimy just got back from a cruise, and while she was on vacation she came up with some traveling tips for the person you’re dating or in a relationship with. Get some tips here!


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The Date Doctor: Moving On

You know how some people break up and are like “Yeah, whatever” and others are like “Oh my God, my life is over!” Jaimy is here to address those people who can’t move on and make their experience a little less dramatic. Here’s her advice.


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The Date Doctor: When Your Parents Date…

Here’s something a lot of people experience– what do you do when your parents date? Jaimy breaks it down for little kids, teenagers and adults.


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Ask Jaimy With The Date Doctor

It’s time for another round of Ask Jaimy, as the Date Doctor answers your biggest questions about love, romance, dating and relationships!


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The Date Doctor: How We Should Argue

How do you start an argument? Most people are either passive aggressive, slamming a door and having an attitude, or just immediately flying off the handle. When we become aware of how immature starting an argument really is, then we can change the way we behave and just say what we want.



The Date Doctor On Facebook Friending & Dating

When you start dating someone, do you, or do you not, friend them on Facebook? Jaimy says you should NOT, and here’s why…


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The Date Doctor Talks Players

Players are guys who play games with women, and they’ve fooled many women because some of them have a lot of skills and are very good actors… But ladies, your willingness to recognize the signs will play a huge role in how long they can play you for.


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The Date Doctor Talks Diamond in the Rough Guys

Women need a better poll of men, so Jaimy is here to talk about the Diamond in the Rough-types– guys with hidden potential but lack the final touch to stand out. Here’s some stupid things guys do that end up keeping them in that unappreciated category.


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The Date Doctor Presents The Worst Dates Ever

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Jaimy held a contest on her Facebook page for people to submit their best worst date story. She decided to share a few of her favorites…


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The Date Doctor Talks Women’s Top Complaints About Their Husbands

This week, Jaimy has collected some of the biggest complaints women have about their husbands, and she breaks down each one into a possible practical solution. Read on for the whole scoop!


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The Date Doctor Talks Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and Jaimy is here to offer some fun tips on Valentine’s gifts to celebrate her favorite holiday!


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The Date Doctor: How To Know If You’ve Met ‘The One’

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to relationships, new or old… Sometimes it’s hard to understand how serious something actually is. This week, Jaimy has some advice on how to figure out if your significant other really is “the one” or not… Check it out!



The Date Doctor’s Things You Can Do When You’re Snowed In

A lot of us are stuck inside when the weather is nasty with snow and cold temperatures, so Jaimy has some tips to keep you busy and help continue looking for love while you’re stuck at home.


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The Date Doctor’s Small Steps For Romantic Resolutions

With 2014 on its way, it’s common to start planning New Year’s resolutions. But rather than say something broad and big like “I’m going to find love in 2014,” Jaimy has some small steps, some little resolutions that could lead you to find love you never would have found.


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Ask the The Date Doctor: Jaimy Answers Your Questions!

It’s time for another Ask Jaimy day! The Date Doctor is answering the questions she gets from listeners out there.


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The Date Doctor’s Great Gift Ideas

It’s Holiday gift time, so Jaimy has some great gift ideas, whether you are married, newly dating, or in a long-time relationship… these gifts will work for any stage of a relationship.


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The Date Doctor Talks Internet Dating

It’s been a while since Jaimy talked about Internet Dating, but whenever the Date Doctor starts in on makeovers, she can’t believe some of the bad choices people make with their profiles. So she’s decided to share some tips to get your profile showing off the very best in you!


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The Date Doctor: Sports and Dating

It’s the season for sports, so Jaimy wanted to chat about balancing sports and dating. If you’re in a relationship and both like sports, it can be a great thing to watch a game and yell at the TV and have fun. But if you don’t like sports, there’s no reason to fake it.


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The Date Doctor Speaks On Closure

There’s a lot of BS surrounding “closure” in a relationship. There are some questions you need to ask yourself before you go back for more closure after a relationship ends, and she shares those important questions– and some advice– to help you get over it in the best way possible.


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The Date Doctor On Skeletons In The Closet

With Halloween just around the corner, Jaimy wanted to discuss skeletons in the closet. We all have them, and the Date Doctor has tips on how to handle them in your relationship. Check out her tips…