Ask The Date Doctor: Final RoundThe Date Doctor is getting ready to move to Virginia (which makes sense, since Virginia is for lovers, or so we hear). So Damon wants to send her off with one final Q&A so we can all learn from the Date Doctor.
The Date Doctor: Things You Can't Overdo In A New RelationshipThere's such a thing as too much of a good thing, and that goes to some things we do when we're newly dating someone. In moderation, these things are okay, but you need to be cautious not to overdo them, because that will spell relationship suicide.
The Date Doctor: 5 Ways You're Most Likely To Find True LoveJaimy posed a question to her Facebook group, asking "People who are most likely to find true love are those who [BLANK]." The prompt got a few funny responses, as well as some insightful ones. Here's the Top 5 best responses.
The Date Doctor: Dating When You Have an IllnessThis could be a downer of a topic, but it doesn't have to be... The Date Doctor has a rundown of some common illnesses, and how they can change the dynamic of dating.
The Date Doctor: How Apps & Technology Are Changing the Dating WorldTechnology is always changing, and it's changing the world around us... and that includes the dating world. The Date Doctor is here to share some of the latest developments, and how people use them.
The Date Doctor Talks Ashley MadisonFor those who don't know, Ashley Madison is an adultry website, which claims to be very discreet... but recently 32 million members' email addresses were shared, and the Date Doctor is going to tell you how to catch an Ashley Madison member, and what to do.
The Date Doctor: The Lies We Tell When We Break UpWhen it comes to breaking up, some people will come up with excuses-- usually based on lies-- which are offered to spare your feelings and avoid any drama. Here's the top five made-up excuses people tend to use when ending a relationship.
Ask The Date Doctor: August EditionThe Date Doctor is opening up her mailbag for another round of Ask Jaimy! Find out what advice she has to your most burning questions about dating, love and relationships.
The Date Doctor Talks About DatingA lot of single women try to make the dating process more efficient, but they actually create the exact opposite. Here's some do's and don't's of interviewing men in advance.
The Date Doctor: Advice For Soon-To-Be ParentsA lot of people will tell you being a new parent is the best years of your life... but it's not. The Date Doctor has advice for a couple about to take the plunge into parenthood...
Ask The Date Doctor: June 2015It's time for another round of Ask the Date Doctor! Jaimy answers the most burning questions from listeners... Hear what she has to say!
Party Tips For Singles From The Date DoctorParties can be a great way to meet new people, and Jaimy has compiled a few helpful tips for singles, to help you socialize in a party scenario.

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