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Cellular Chloe: 4 Ways to Improve Your Selfie

Everybody’s doing it! Even if you don’t like your picture snapped (like me) ocassionally you want to get yourself and a friend, or update a profile picture, so here are a few ways to improve upon the selfie.


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Cellular Chloe: Must-Have Apps for Your Smartphone

There are tons of apps being developed on a daily basis. I am always on the lookout for cool new apps… Here’s a few of my favorites!


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Cellular Chloe Talks Mobile Payments

These days, you can use you smart phone or mobile device for everything… so why not use it to pay for things? Many apps and other mobile features are now actually more safe and secure than traditional payment methods, and Chloe has a run down of some of the best.


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Cellular Chloe Talks Camera Apps

Everybody loves selfies and the documentation of everything in life, so Chloe has some apps to share to help make your photos as cool as possible.



Cellular Chloe: Locate Your Pet on Your Mobile Device With Tagg Pet Tracker

Because of all the fascinating technology available, there are ways to track and locate your pet. It’s easy enough to track phones as they have GPS built-in but it’s becoming increasingly easier to tack all kinds of things, luggage, your wallet, a bicycle, why not your pet?


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Cellular Chloe: A Cell Phone Picture Is Worth 1000 Words… and 1000TB of Data

Here are a few apps that will enable you to use your phones’ camera to get all the information you need and then some about a subject that you took a picture of.


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Cellular Chloe: Do iSpy a Glasshole in the Making? My First Day with Google Glass

I needed to have Google Glass, because that’s how I roll. I am an early adopter. Okay, enough about how Glass and I met! Let me tell you what it is…


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Cellular Chloe & Everything You Need to Know about Sochi (as it Relates to Olympics)

Olympic competition is only 3 days away in Sochi. Here is everything you need to know to be the ultimate Olympics fan.


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Cellular Chloe On Capturing Holiday Moments

Many of the more current smartphones have some unique photo options that will help you get the best holiday, News year or shots from any celebration. For example, new Samsung smartphones give you the option to take video and snap a photo at the same time.


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Tech The Halls With Cellular Chloe!

Here’s a few apps and devices that will add some fun and sanity to your holiday!


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Tech Stocking Stuffer Gifts From Cellular Chloe

Electronics are IN, and they’re getting bigger and more popular year after year. So Cellular Chloe wanted to share her list of Top 10 best stocking stuffer gifts for the Gadgetista on your list, all of which are available for under $25.


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Top Tech Accessories, According to Cellular Chloe

It’s Cyber Week, so it seemed like the best time for Cellular Chloe to round up some of the hottest gadget accessories right now. Here’s her picks for those cool side-gifts to give on top of the phones, tablets and other tech offerings.


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Cellular Chloe’s Top Apps For Shopping Deals

It’s almost Thanksgiving… and that means it’s almost Black Friday! Cellular Chloe is here to help, with some apps and some websites you can use to help weed through deals and save some money!



Cellular Chloe Talks Passwords & Online Security

Recently, Adobe was hacked for 152 million users, so Cellular Chloe is here to share some tips on how to protect yourself online.


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Cellular Chloe’s Cool Stuff You Can Do On Your Phone

We all know phones are good for calling (duh), and texting and browsing email and the internet… but there’s lots more we can do with smart phones, too! Cellular Chloe has more cool things you can do from your phone– Check out the latest features!


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Cellular Chloe Talks Mobile Devices On Airplanes

Airlines have recently opened up some new opportunities for using mobile devices on board airplanes, and Cellular Chloe is here to share the latest updates.


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Cellular Chloe Presents The Samsung Gear

Cellular Chloe wanted to show off her cool new super-watch, the Gear, a new Samsung product that works with Note3 and provides a real-life Dick Tracy experience on your wrist! Check this thing out…


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Cellular Chloe Tricks & Treats Us To Some Halloween Apps

Halloween is almost here, so to get in the mood for some spookiness, Cellular Chloe is here to share some cool Halloween apps. Get all the latest right here…


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A Special SnapChat Public Service Announcement From Cellular Chloe

The following is a public service announcement from Cellular Chloe…


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Cellular Chloe Tackles iOS7 Issues

There’s always some stumbling blocks when it comes to new technology, and Cellular Chloe is here to share some tips on troubleshooting iOS 7, the new upgrade that iPhones got, but it’s also on iPads, iMacs and more, so Mac users check this out.


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Cellular Chloe Explains Why Texting & Driving Don’t Mix

Every week Cellular Chloe shares technology that makes our lives better, but today she might be SAVING lives, as she presents the reasons why no one should text and drive.


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Cellular Chloe Explains How To Print From Your Smartphone

Have you ever wanted to print pictures, concert tickets, purchase receipts, or bills straight from your smartphone? CellularChloe is here to tell you how!


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Fore! Cellular Chloe Shares Some Great Golf Apps

To celebrate the Wireless Zone Charity Golf Tournament this week, Cellular Chloe is sharing some really cool Golf apps for your phone, which can help get you started or refine your game. Check it out, then get ready to hit the links!


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Cellular Chloe Is Here To Save Your Text Messages

Many people are curious if it’s possible to save text messages in other places than your phone, and the answer is YES! Chloe offers her advice on how to save, email, back up and print your text messages. Here’s her advice…


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Cellular Chloe Gets You Ready For Back To School

It’s almost time to go Back to School, so this week Cellular Chloe shares some of the best gadgets you can get for the new school year.


Apple Introduces iPhone 5

Cellular Chloe Presents Smart Phone 101

Sometimes Chloe keeps getting the same questions over and over, so she decided to go back to the basics, with some simple steps that can avoid big trouble when it comes to handling your smart phone.


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Cellular Chloe Has Tips On Saving Your Gadget Batteries

Summertime means day trips and vacation and lots of traveling that may limit your ability to charge your phone and other gadgets, so Cellular Chloe has some tips to save your batteries this summer.


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Cellular Chloe Spotlights Some Cool New Apps

It’s hot outside but Cellular Chloe has some COOL new apps to share. Check out the latest apps she’s showcasing, which are available now!


The Westminster Kennel Club 137th Annual Dog Show - Press Conference

Cellular Chloe Helps You Keep Tabs On Your Pets

Cellular Chloe is back, and this time she’s here to show off some gadgets to help you keep tabs on your pets… virtually! Check out some of these devices, and find the one that’s right for you and your four-legged friends!


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Waterproofing Your Phone With Cellular Chloe

It’s summer time, but just because you’re spending time at the beach or by the pool, it’s no reason not to bring your cell phone with you! Chloe has some great ways to waterproof your phone, to make sure you can stay connected AND keep your phone dry!