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Carolyn Phillips: 5 Signs You Should Break Up With Your Workout Routine

Just like romantic relationships, sometimes your workout routine just doesn’t “work out.” Carolyn is here to share five signs that it might be time to break up with your exercise program.

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Carolyn Phillips: Natural Food That’s Not Really Natural

90% of the soy, canola oil, corn, sugar beets and cotton grown in the United States is GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). We’re industrializing our food to the point where we’re not eating real food anymore. Here’s some leading GMO abusers to be on the lookout for.


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Carolyn Phillips: 5 Nutrients We Are Lacking In

We eat so many processed foods that many of us are lacking in some vital nutrients our bodies need. But that’s not all– high protein diets can also cut out lots of nutrients very important to our health and our bodies. Carolyn runs down what we need, that we might not be getting.


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Carolyn Phillips: Talks Food Swapping

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean giving up all those foods you love… and this week, Carolyn Phillips shares some food swaps that will let you enjoy some of your favorite meals in new, healthier ways by switching a few ingredients around.


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Carolyn Phillips: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Yogurt

Yogurt isn’t necessarily as good for you as many people think, so Carolyn is here to give you the complete rundown, to help you make you own decision if it’s the right thing for you to include in your diet.


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Carolyn Phillips: Springing In To Your Fitness Program

A lot of trends today are “HIIT” (or High Intensity Interval Training), which can be very high risk and lead to high injury rates. So if you’re springing into one of these types of fitness programs, Carolyn has some tips to assess the potential dangers.


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Carolyn Phillips: Sabotaging Your Kitchen For Weight Loss

There’s a lot of ways what’s in your kitchen can sabotage your weight loss goals, and this week Carolyn gives the run down on the biggest culprits… and what you can do to prevent them and reach your goals!


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Eating Colors For Your Health

Fruits and Vegetables are very important for a healthy diet– there are actually 6 different colors for fruits and veggies and they all do something different. You need to diversity so you can get different antioxidants for different health purposes. Get the details!


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Carolyn Phillips’ Myths & Facts About Fat

Sometimes it’s hard to sift through all the information out there, so Carolyn Phillips is here to tackle some myths and facts about fat. See what she has to say!


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Carolyn Phillips On Healthy Holiday Meal Planning

The Holidays are big on eating, but Carolyn has some tips on how you can use a little bit of planning to avoid over eating and stay healthier during this year’s festivities.


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More Holiday Gift Ideas From Carolyn Phillips

Carolyn breaks down some fun and trendy classes, all of which you can purchase a gift certificate to attend. You don’t even have to have a gym membership to attend most of these cool classes!


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Giving the Gift of Green

It’s the holiday season, so Carolyn Phillips is here to talk about giving the gift of green this year. No, not money– she’s talking about organic gifts you can give!


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Carolyn Phillips’ Tips For Fitting In Fitness Over The Holidays

Rather than talk about what foods to avoid during Thanksgiving, Carolyn Phillips is here to offer suggestions on how to fit fitness in over the holiday season.


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Boosting Brain Fitness

Want more energy? One of the things you can do to feel better and have more energy is keeping your brain fit! Carolyn has some tips on exercises you can do to boost your brain activity…


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Carolyn Phillips: 5 Psychological Stages Of Change For Physical Fitness

There’s five phases that people go through in order to get ready to exercise, and this week Carolyn breaks down these five psychological stages of change for physical fitness.


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Carolyn Phillips Targets Common Aches & Pains (And How To Fix Them)

No matter what fitness level you’re at, everyone deals with aches and pains. This week, Carolyn takes a look at some of the most common ones many people face, and how to remedy them.


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Carolyn Phillips Talks National Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Cancer Awareness Month, and Carolyn has three areas to discuss to support this cause– Exercise, events and shopping for the cure. Get all the details here!


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Carolyn Phillips On Breaking The Cycle Of Stress And Weight Gain

Our on air personal trainer is back with tips to help you de-stress!


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Senior Fitness

Exercise is a good thing for everyone, but as we get older we need to start thinking differently about staying fit. Carolyn has four building blocks to improve mind, mood, body and memory, that will form a great fitness program for people over 50.


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Carolyn Phillips On Preventing Group Workout injuries

Group classes are a big trend right now in exercise, and a lot of popular programs right now are high intensity– sometimes too high intensity for someone with less experience. Insanity, boot camp, crossfit, Zumba… they are intense workouts, so it’s important to stay safe while working out.


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Foods & Drinks That May Not Be As Healthy As You Think

There’s a lot of foods and drinks marketed as “fitness foods” but they’re not always as healthy as they lead on. Carolyn breaks down some of the most popular “fit food” choices and gives us the truth on how healthy they really are for us.


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Eco-Food Buzz Words

Eco-foods are all the rage right now, but some of the buzz words being used can be misleading in their attempt to “sell” you on them… Carolyn Phillips sets the record straight to help make you a more educated consumer. Check it out!


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Carolyn Phillips Answers Your Questions

It’s time for Ask Carolyn! Carolyn Phillips answers your questions this week… check out what she has to say below!


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Carolyn Phillips: Eat This, Not That

Carolyn Phillips had some July 4th tips in her “eat This, Not That” segment, and while the fireworks may be behind us, there’s lots of tips that will help keep you fit and healthy all summer long!


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Carolyn Phillips’ Tips For Beginner Runners

It’s getting so gorgeous outside now that summer is here, and Carolyn is here to share her tips on running, one of the most inexpensive– and most effective– exercises you can do. Here’s her tips for beginning runners…


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Carolyn Phillips Gives You 5 Ways To Spot A Bad Trainer

Fitness is important to everyone, and there’s a LOT of trainers out there. Many of these trainers and athletic coaches are great, skilled and talented people, but there’s always a few bad apples in any mix. This week, Carolyn gives us five ways to spot a BAD trainer.


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Carolyn Phillips Talks The Importance Of Warm Ups & Cool Downs

Fit-inista Carolyn Phillips– our on air personal trainer– is back with more tips to get you in shape and what you need to do to stay that way! This week, Carolyn talks all about warm ups and cool downs– HOW to do it, WHEN to do it and WHY to do it.