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Carolyn Phillips: Back Issues and Solutions

85% of Americans have back issues, so Carolyn shares some of the biggest problems, as well as some solutions.


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Carolyn Phillips: Support Systems For Success

If you want to succeed with your fitness goals, you need a proper support system to help you. Carolyn has some insight into building the best support network possible to help you reach success, so let’s dive right in!


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Carolyn Phillips’ Home Remedies For Sore Muscles

Everybody is starting to work out right now, and you don’t have to live with the pain and soreness. Check out these simple home remedies you can use to help soothe your muscles.


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Carolyn Phillips: Top Fitness Trends For 2015

The New Year is the perfect time to get in shape, and Carolyn Phillips shares some insight on top fitness trends from the American College of Sports Medicine. Looking to get started on your path to fitness? Here’s what you do!


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Carolyn Phillips: 5 Gifts For the Fitness Buff

Wondering what gifts to get for the fitness buff on your Christmas list? Carolyn has five awesome ideas they are sure to love!


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Carolyn Phillips: 25 Days To Christmas Health

Carolyn Phillips is giving us all the gift of knowledge this Holiday season, with Carolyn’s 25 Days To Holiday Health and Fitness. And she’s kicking the month off by sharing a few sample tips with us… Read on for more!


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Breaking Thanksgiving’s Bad Habits

People inhale an average of 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day, which is way too much! Here’s some tips from Carolyn on how to fight back against those bad holiday practices.


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Carolyn Phillips: Not Taking A Holiday Hiatus From Health

Many people consider the Holidays to be a time that it’s okay to take it easy and maybe cheat on those typical healthy habits, but Carolyn says NO to that! So here’s how to NOT take a holiday during the Holidays…


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Carolyn Phillips: Ask Carolyn – November 2014

It’s time for another edition of Ask Carolyn, where our fitness guru answers questions from listeners like you! Hear what advice she has to offer today…


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Carolyn Phillips: 5 Habits of Highly Fit People

Carolyn is back with a list of five habits of highly fit people. Let’s see how many you can identify with!


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Carolyn Phillips: What Makes A Well-Rounded Fitness Program?

Let’s get back to basics– this week Carolyn gives an overview of what a well-rounded fitness program is, and what makes it up.


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Carolyn Phillips’ 4-Step Exercise Recovery

How do you recover easily and fastest after you work out? Carolyn has some great tips for how you can bounce back ASAP, and she’s broken it down into four simple steps.


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Fall Super Foods

Fall is here, and Carolyn Phillips wanted to share some of the best Super Foods that can help you with health and weight loss this season. Pumpkin is definitely on there, but that’s not all.. Get the whole rundown here!



Carolyn Phillips: 6 Reasons To Do a Squat

Not every useful exercise has to be incredibly complicated. Sometimes the seemingly simplest can be among the most challenging and beneficial. Take the squat– Carolyn has six reasons why this is a great exercise to include in your workout.


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Carolyn Phillips Fixes Your 2-4 Energy Slump

So many people have this issue… around 2 to 4pm in the afternoon, we start to crash and hit an energy slump. But Carolyn has some tips on how to correct this kind of crash to keep your energy level up.


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Carolyn Phillips: Avoiding Unhealthy Food Traps

There are some places people go on a regular basis to get meals which are very unhealthy… So Carolyn is here to shed light on some of these seemingly-healthy food traps.


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Carolyn Phillips: Losing Weight Without Counting Calories

If you’re not looking at what calories do to your hormones, how they affect your body, then you’re not getting the full picture… Here’s some tips on how to lose weight without counting calories.


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Skinny Myths That Are Really Making You Fat

There are many myths running amok that fool you into thinking they’re healthy choices when in reality, they aren’t. Carolyn will help you navigate around these murky decoys.

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Carolyn Phillips Talks Budget Friendly Healthy Foods

Eating healthy can be expensive, but there are definitely some foods that give you a big bang for your buck, and Carolyn has some tips to keep you and your wallet in good shape.


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Carolyn Phillips: Ask Carolyn – August 2014

It’s time for another edition of Ask Carolyn, where our fitness guru answers questions from listeners like you! Hear what advice she has to offer today…


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Carolyn Phillips: Outdoor Workouts

Now you can make American Ninja Warrior a thing in your own backyard! Caroyln is here to help you set up an outdoor workout… Read on to find out everything you need to know!


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Carolyn Phillips: Cool New Fitness Trackers

When it comes to fitness, we can all use a helping hand, and now there are some really cool virtual helpers in the form of trackers and apps for your smart phone or tablet. Carolyn has the whole rundown on these great fitness tracking helpers!


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Carolyn Phillips vs Yo-Yo Dieting

Most diets are actually not set up for long-term success or maintenance. 70% of the American population is presently overweight, and there’s some things to look out for if you want to drop the weight AND keep it off.


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Carolyn Phillips: Your Red, White & Blue Day Greens

July Fourth means cookouts and BBQ and snacks and all kinds of junk food, so Carolyn is here to share some tips to make your festivities more environmentally healthy and eating healthy. Here’s her tips, to help you AND the environment.


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Men’s Health Month

It’s Men’s Health Month, and Carolyn Phillips is here to explain what this means and how it can help the men in your life.


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Carolyn Phillips: Conquering Your Cravings

We all deal with cravings, and a lot of these come from our brains. We want to take a look at some of the neurotransmitters in our brains, which are very affected by the food we eat and which make us have cravings.


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Carolyn Phillips: 5 Common Weight Training Mistakes

Weight training can be a great way to tone and build your muscles, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t do it right. Carolyn shares five common mistakes people make when they first start weight training.


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Ask Carolyn Phillips

Carolyn Phillips reached into the (virtual) mail bag, and has answers to some of your biggest fitness and health questions. Read on for the latest!


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Chips

Chips are a staple of summer foods, but unfortunately they’re just not that good for you. Carolyn Phillips breaks the bad news and offers a lowdown on those salty, crunchy, junky treats.


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Carolyn Phillips: Spring & Summer Foods to Avoid

There’s a lot of foods associated with spring and summer, but some of them are things we really shouldn’t be eating. Here’s what many of us start to get cravings for in the warmer months, which we should totally avoid.




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