Carolyn Phillips: Why Do We Regain Weight?Carolyn has five suggestions to help maintain your weight loss permanently.
Carolyn Phillips: Preventing Wrinkles – Part 2 This is part two of 'How To Look Younger' with recommended exercises for your face.
Carolyn Phillips: Preventing Wrinkles - Part 1Our FIT-inista shares nutritional tips for preventing wrinkles and saggy skin. This is the first half of a two-part series.
Carolyn Phillips' Tips To Get Your Body Ready For SpringSpring has sprung! What do you need to do in order to get your body ready for Spring? Carolyn Phillips has some tips!
Carolyn Phillips Talks Aches, Pains & StiffnessAches, pains, and stiffness-- oh my! It all comes down to mobility, and that's all about your joints. Here's some simple movements you can do anywhere, even at the office.
Carolyn Phillips: Foods For Healthy SkinIf you want healthier skin, it's created from the inside out via nutrition.
Carolyn Phillips: Go Organic At A Discount!Organic food is awesome, and has many health benefits... but it's also EXPENSIVE! Carolyn has some info on how you can go organic at a discounted rate.
Carolyn Phillips Talks Sleep Deprivation & PatternsLast weekend, we set the clocks ahead for daylight savings, and even that one hour can throw off our sleep pattern. It's really important to maintain sleep patterns for both your health and for weight control. Here's some tips to help make you sleep better.
Carolyn Phillips: Getting Back on TrackIt's easy to get off track with your workout regimen, while getting back on track can be the difficult part. Carolyn Phillips shares easy ways to stick with it!
Carolyn Phillips: What Happens When You Stop Working Out?Only two out of ten people work out on a regular basis, so what about the rest of us? We fall off the wagon, have to work around a new schedule, or just lose motivation to keep exercising... so what exactly happens when we stop? Carolyn breaks it down.
Carolyn Phillips Talks Detox & CleansingThis isn't one of those "3-day cleanse" fads... we're talking actual detoxification and cleansing. Here's how to do it, and the benefits that come with it.
Carolyn Phillips: Strengthening Your Immune SystemWinter is the season for colds, but you can strengthen your immune system by sticking to these nutritional tips and best practices.

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