Carolyn Phillips

Carolyn Phillips: Strengthening Your Immune SystemWinter is the season for colds, but you can strengthen your immune system by sticking to these nutritional tips and best practices.
Carolyn Phillips: 10 'Healthy' Foods That Aren't Very HealthyJust because a food claims to be healthy, doesn't mean it actually is. Carolyn assembles a list of ten culinary culprits who are nowhere near as good for you as you might think.
Carolyn Phillips' Top Fitness Trends For 2016The New Year is the busiest time of year for personal trainers and physical fitness, as everybody resolves to get in shape and lose weight. Carolyn has compiled this year's biggest fitness trends, to help accomplish those goals.
Carolyn Phillips: Healthy Holiday GiftsIf you have a health nut on your Christmas list or love companies that give back, here are some of Carolyn's gift ideas!
Carolyn Phillips: Everyday Products Connected To Health IssuesWhen most people approach weight loss, they look at their diet or their exercise... but there's more factors-- namely, hormones. There are certain chemicals that affect your hormones and destroy your metabolism. Here's some of the biggest offenders.
Carolyn Phillips' Tips To Avoid Treats & Goodies Over the HolidaysWe're approaching the Holiday season gauntlet-- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years... and Carolyn has some tips on how to avoid those treats and goodies that are all too present this time of year.
Carolyn Phillips: Battle of the Bulge Final ResultsSo how'd Damon and Gina fare come final weigh-in day? Find out here!
Carolyn Phillips Talks Power Blocks
Carolyn Phillips: Battle of the Bulge Week Seven ResultsDamon and Gina are over the halfway mark of their fitness makeover program, and this week saw both of them kind of plateau... Why? Carolyn has the answer...
Carolyn Phillips: Battle of the Bulge Week Four ResultsFor Week Four of the Total Body Makeover, Carolyn caught up with Damon and Gina and looked at both weight loss as well as measurements. How'd they do?
Carolyn Phillips: Battle of the Bulge Week Three ResultsThere were a few days Damon really didn't want to do his exercises, but he did it anyway... Gina also didn't want to do exercises a few days... and she didn't! Did it have an impact on their latest results?
Carolyn Phillips: Battle of the Bulge Week Two ResultsDamon Scott and Gina J are doing the 12-week Fit Behavior Makeover, which is not just about weight loss and fat loss, but eating better, exercising better and living better. They're in Week Two! How'd they do? Find out here!

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