Jamie And Kelly BUSTED Call

Letting your ex-boyfriend stay at your apartment is NOT the way to give your current boyfriend a whole lot of confidence in your relationship. Jamie told us that’s exactly what his girlfriend Kelly is doing […]


Jen And Brian BUSTED Call

One of our listeners, Jen, sent me an email saying that she had been to hell and back with her boyfriend Brian as he battled an alcohol addiction.  Since all is currently going well between […]


Carrie And Mike BUSTED Call

If your husband or wife all of a sudden changed their musical tastes, would that send up a red flag that maybe they are trying to find common ground with someone they have on the […]


Bob And Stacy BUSTED Call

This is a first! We usually have to try and trick someone into admitting they are cheating, but Bob came to us and told us immediately that he was stepping out on his wife, Stacy.  […]


Kristi And Paul BUSTED Call

If you were a gym rat and your girlfriend joined the same gym so you could work out together that would be a good thing, right? Not according to Paul, who wasn’t a fan of […]


Bruno Mars Busted!

A Las Vegas newspaper reports singer/songwriter [lastfm]Bruno Mars[/lastfm] was arrested in the city for drugs…cocaine. You think after he wrote those beautiful lyrics in “Just the Way You Are,” how could this happen?  Well, it […]