Pictures From Duran Duran At The TIC’s 2nd Chance Prom

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  • Michelle

    Thanks Tic for a great night Friday night!!!! My friends and I were thrilled to be there. Duran Duran was fantastic!!!!! I hope to hear you play their new song All You Need Is Now, it’s really good!!!

  • Jen

    Thanks for the thrill, TIC!!!!! I was about 7 feet from Simon the whole time and was swooning like a 15 yr. old again! We need more of “All You Need is Now”!!!

  • Joanne

    This is a belated thank you, as I have been off line for some months. Thank you so much TIC. I have had a massive crush on Simon and Roger for many years, this intimate gigg was brilliant. I was like a little school girl. Fabulous!!!!! You made my dreams come true.

  • Oliver

    My wife would have loved to have seen this, she is a life long Duran Duran fan, goes absolutely weak at the knees every time you mention something to do with Simon Le Bonn. She did however, get to see them when they toured, unfortunately she was towards the back of the Arena.

  • Jo

    Whoop Whoop to Simon, he is still as sexy as he ever was, lucky Yasmin that’s all I can say.

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