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Nail photo

Why Won’t Women Really Admit What’s Wrong With Them?

It’s not about the nail in her head… Sometimes it’s not about fixing the problem, it’s really just about LISTENING.


Gary and Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen At Mohegan Sun

Here’s a shot of me hanging out with Andy Cohen. He made an appearance Thursday night at Mohegan Sun for another “Reality Check.”



Time To Get A Summer Job With The Will Smith Knock Off

It’s now officially summer and that means it’s time for all of us to kick back and enjoy the beautiful weather. It also means the kids need to go out and get a job!


Sopranos Cast

James Gandolfini Gone At Age 51

We lost James Gandolfini. He went way to soon. 51 is so young.


Escaping the storm auto color contrast

“Escaping The Storm”

Here is my latest piece I call “Escaping The Storm”.  It is an 18 by 14 oil on canvas.  I think it’s soothing and disturbing at the same time. That poor bastard in the car, [...]


Photo Credit: Neilson Barnard/ Getty Images Entertainment

Tom Hanks Videotapes His Elbow Being Drained

Tom Hanks decided to videotape his elbow being drained and put it up on the internet! WHY????



Dropping A (New) Load In Christine’s Neighborhood

Christine’s neighbor got a new washer and dryer! Nice… wonder if their old washer is for sale like in this phoney phone crank call!!


Special Head 01

Special Head Killed On America’s Got Talent

“What the hell kind of act is this?”, was the question everyone was asking…until…’ll have to watch it


Wet tvs

Gary TV Special Backfires!

So, I try to do something nice for people, and all I get is rain on my parade. We had a tag sale at the house, and I had these 2 TVs left over that didn’t sell.



My Inner Voice– Jim Carrey

I might make this a series! Here’s the back story.


Barn in woods 2 final

Art For Charity!

I have painted this original oil, “Barn in The Woods” on an 11 by 14 archival quality canvas panel. I’m donating it to “The Sunshine Kids” to auction off this Wednesday, June 5th at the 6th annual Sunshine Kids Charity Golf Tournament at Blackledge Country Club in Hebron.


(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Director David O Russell, All Class

Here’s a card I received from director David O Russell thanking me for my work on American Hustle.



Introducing: Craig & Company Summer Camp!

If you are having trouble with your kids’ summer camp then you should think about sending them to the next big thing: Craig & Company Summer Camp! You will quickly find out why the Craig [...]


Middlefield shootout

Middlefield Ohio Shootout (WARNING: Graphic Video)

A deadly shootout between two Middlefield, Ohio officers and an rifle wielding man was caught on the police cruiser’s dashboard camera. The shooting happened after 42-year-old James Gilkerson was pulled over for failing to stop [...]


(Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for VEVO)

Look At This Tool, Kanye West

Look at this idiot Kanye West who’s walking along, not watching where he’s going, smashes into a sign, and then blames it on the paparazzi!


gary w columbia fields

Grayson Minney Of Columbia Fields Gone At Age 28

I was saddened to hear the news that we lost Grayson Minney, the lead singer of Columbia Fields.


Here Come The Greeks 08

Here Come The Greeks!

Christine Lee and I have an idea for a reality show. We’re calling it, “Here Come The Greeks.”


(Image courtesy of Marvel)

The Adventures Of Iron Deficient Man

Thanks to Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel’s smash hit film series, everybody knows Iron-Man… but how about that OTHER super hero– Iron Deficient Man??


What you missed

Was It Wrong For Me To Ask John About His Shlong?

All hell broke loose this morning when we first got on the air.


fat couple

XL Airlines

It used to be that if you were overweight, you’d have to pay more for airline travel. But that’s no longer the case, thanks to XL Airlines!



Fertilizer Plant Explosion In Waco Caught On Cell Phone

Terrifying footage of an explosion at a fertilizer plant was caught on a cell phone with a dad and his son watching the plant burn. Seconds later the explosion. Over 100 people were hurt.


loser hotline

This Week’s Hilarious Loser Line

Just when you thought the loser’s couldn’t get any funnier… listen to this week’s batch!


(Isaac Brekken/Getty Images)

PSY’s New Video For “Gentlemen”

Psy’s new video for “Gentlemen” already has over 52 million hits!


(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

K-mart’s New Ad– “Ship My Pants” (Or Are They Saying Something Else?)

K-mart’s new ad has a bunch of people saying “Ship my Pants” but it certainly sounds like something else!


Tana Lenn

Who The Hell Is Tana Lenn?

This is the Tana Lenn mystery.



A Tax Preparation Service For Drunks: Cuervo Tax

Why shouldn’t alcoholics have their own tax service?


Tuxedo 1

Gary’s Trailer

Gary Craig’s trailer on the set of his recent feature film is so small, he had to back into it!


Lights camera

Finally Got My Call Time!

Finally got my call time for today. I’ll be on the set at 12 noon in Boston for David O Russell’s new feature film.  Right onto the set, right over to hair and makeup, will [...]


Mobster shot

Slimmed Down, Mobbed Up And Ready To Go

Here’s a current shot, right before I go up to Boston to shoot scenes in David O Russell’s new feature film.  I play a mobster in a 1970’s time piece, thus the long sideburns.  I’ll [...]





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