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Mobster shot

Slimmed Down, Mobbed Up And Ready To Go

Here’s a current shot, right before I go up to Boston to shoot scenes in David O Russell’s new feature film.  I play a mobster in a 1970′s time piece, thus the long sideburns.  I’ll [...]


(Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for Games for Change)

Maria Shriver Still Has Her Christmas Lights Up!

It’s not an April Fools’ Day joke… Maria Shriver still hasn’t taken down her Christmas lights! Her neighbors in Brentwood, CA aren’t happy about it, according to TMZ. Folks in the upscale community tell the [...]


0144 copy

The Crazyman Explains Same-Sex Marriage

With the Supreme Court hearing arguments in this landmark case, The Crazyman of the radio decides to weigh in.


IRS Star Trek

IRS Star Trek Parody

Look at these IRS douches. They used actual IRS employees to make the parody at OUR expense! But the video teaches us nothing!



KTLA Weatherman Gets Pranked On The Air!

KTLA weatherman, Henry DiCarlo was reading birthday greetings and someone had put up “Hugh Janus” and he read it! To his credit, they all had a good laugh.


Pope Francis I appears on the central balcony

Pope Francis Already Has His Own Video– Popem Catholic Style

I think the new Pope Francis, might be the hippest Pope ever– He has his own dance video!


(Photo credit: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Hooter’s Girl Has A Ball… Literally

Look at this cute Hooter’s girl who is totally oblivious that she just screwed up an “in play” ball by scooping it up and throwing into the stands!



As You Can See Behind Me, It’s Snowing

Christine Lee pays tribute to our local TV reporters who are masters at stating the obvious during crappy weather!



Craig & Company’s Ryan Jones Hangin’ With Cuba Gooding Jr

Look who our producer, Ryan Jones ran into in NYC… Cuba Gooding Jr.!! Hey, THAT’S how RJ rolls now that he’s BIG TIME!



Potty Mouth Parrot Says WTF!

Check out this parrot! hahahahahahahahaha


hot dog

This Is Why China Is Beating Our Ass

Now here’s a real talent, a guy that can shoot hot dogs out of this throat. An why is China advancing faster than we are?



It’s The Modern Way To Select A New Pope: Vatican Idol!

There’s a new way of picking the Pope and it’s way more efficient than it used to be!


Crazyman The New Pope 54

The Vatican Has Announced A New Pope!

The Vatican didn’t waste any time in electing a new Pope. It’s The Crazyman and he’s going to change some of the rules!


Faintint woman

Another Woman Faints On Live TV

This woman faints away on live TV, and hits the set going down.


85th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage

Jack Tries To Pick Up Jennifer

Jennifer Lawrence was being interviewed backstage at the Oscars, when Jack Nicholson tried to put the moves on her!


Jennifer still

Jennifer Lawrence FARTS at the Oscars!

The video proof is finally available. The reason why Jennifer Lawrence tripped on her way up to get her Oscar is because a massive fart knocked her off her feet!


Gary crop

Gary Craig as FBI Chief

Gary Craig as FBI section chief Mark Warren in “Echelon 8″ now on Netflix.


Crazy dancing lady 1

Crazy Daytona Beach Dancing Lady

So I’m driving down here in Florida, and see this on the corner. Holy Crap, I nearly drove into a light pole. WTF???


(Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment)

Baby Wakes To Gangnam Style!

This is hilarious! The baby is sleeping UNTIL his favorite Psy song comes on.


Impeach Obama nut job 01

The Impeach Obama Nut Job

I was driving into town, and I saw these fine folks with an “Impeach Obama” stand set up in front of the post office. I just had to stop to try to find out what it was all about!



Beyonce Is Now Lip Syncing Whitney Houston!

Someone took the time and trouble to remove Beyonce’s performance and replace it with Whitney Houston’s 1991 National Anthem.



The Lost Generation

You have to watch this… not only is it true, but brilliant!



Look At This Stupid Idiot Annoying The Fish!

This guy, apparently got what he deserved by “baiting” an angry fish.


Crazyman delivered to room  still  copy

It’s A Happy New Year For Everyone… But Not The Crazyman

I’m sure all of you have a great New Years planned. but not The Crazyman. He’s stuck at Happydale.


In support

Christine Lee Visits Newtown

Christine Lee visits Newtown during the holidays.



Gary Craig’s List: What Are You Willing To Trade?

Here’s the first item on Gary Craig’s list. Christine needs to unload this wine glass which comes in it’s own beautiful case with a bow. What are you willing to trade for it? Call 860 247-9696



Another Great We Are The Children Party For 2012

Thanks to all of the people who made heartfelt ornaments for our memorial tree to honor the babies and adults that perished in Newtown… and thanks to the hundreds of people who made the We Are The Children party possible. It was a bright spot in a difficult time.


Jack Klugman

Lost Another Great One, Jack Klugman Gone At Age 90

Actor Jack Klugman passed. What a great actor. Loved him the Odd Couple, and Quincy. This is a screen shot from the TV series The Naked City circa 1960′s.



Drunken Santa’s Coming To Town!

There’s vodka on his breath– this Santa’s really weird!



FREE Reality Check Show Today At 2pm At Mohegan Sun!

Gary Craig will be hosting another FREE Reality Check show today at Mohegan Sun at 2pm. Survivor’s Jenna Morasca and Ethan Zohn will appear. There will be a Q & A, followed by an autograph signing event, and all FREE!