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Goodbye, Crown Deli

Oh, that’s just great. West Hartford, CT– where all the Jews live– will now have no place to go to get their food. The final nail in the coffin? The Crown is closing!!


Gary Craig on Better Connecticut

Gary braved the bad weather to stop by and chat with Scot Haney on Better Connecticut about his paintings.

96.5 TIC–02/19/2014

Gary Craig’s Virtual Art Gallery

As seen on Better Connecticut! Take a virtual tour of some of my paintings right now!


New Painting For the “Warm The Children” Program

I was approached by a charity to paint something that they could auction off to help the “Warm The Children” program. I had a free day today, so here is my latest piece, “Window Wonderland.”


More Gary Craig History: Jack Silverman & The Old Romanian Club

My granmother’s brother was Jack Silverman. He had opened a club called The Old Romanian, on the lower east side of NY. Later he moved the business uptown and renamed it “The International” It was another show biz hangout.


The Crazyman Explains Valentine’s Day

The Crazyman stops by the Craig & Company studio with his take on Valentine’s Day!

96.5 TIC–02/14/2014

Olympic Figure Farting

To compete in the Olympics, sometimes you need hard work, determination, skill and 24 hour dedication… But for this event, all you need is a big can of beans!

96.5 TIC–02/14/2014

Another Picture From the Era With Class

My grandfather owned Moskowitz and Lupowitz on the lower east side of New York.  This restaurant has a rich history of serving the public from the 1920’s thru the 1960’s.  It was especially popular with […]


Last Minute Valentine’s Day Advice

Listen to Craig and Company’s great advice for all of you who waited till the last minute for Valentine’s Day gifts!

96.5 TIC–02/13/2014

RIP Comedy Legend Sid Caesar

We lost another comedy giant… Sid Caesar gone at age 91.


Now That’s What I Call A Camera!

I guess this wasn’t a very good day for the camera, but holy cow is it a testament to how well-built this thing is!!


Are YOU Ready For The Snow?

Snow’s coming… you better get the bread and milk!


Check Out My Oil Paintings on ‘Better Connecticut’!

Want to get a look at my artistic side? Find out when you can see the first televised showing of my paintings later today!


The ULTIMATE Beatles Tribute

This will take you back in time!


…No Gay People In Sochi? Really?…

The Mayor of Sochi said there are NO gay people at all in the town. Really? NO GAY PEOPLE?…


On Jay Leno

One word about the Leno thing. So he’s number one, and they’re taking him off the air. Here’s the analogy.


The Epic Super Bowl Ad You Didn’t See

Here’s a Superbowl ad you DIDN’T see, unless you live in Savannah Georgia.


Flashback Tuesday!

Gary Craig uses the Lysol can as an instrument and performs with the Hartford Pops orchestra at The Bushnell.


On Jennifer Lawrence

IT’S JUST MY OPINION… I think Jennifer Lawrence is going to eventually emerge as one of the greatest actresses of our time.


RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead Sunday in a New York City apartment of an apparent drug overdose…


Watch David Letterman’s Tribute To Johnny Carson

Take a few moment’s rest from posting baby, dog, and food pictures to enjoy a really touching moment.


Every Super Bowl Sale Ad You’ve Ever Heard

Retailers use “The Big Game” to try and ramp up sales and close out the first month of the year on a high note. But for some reason they all feel the need to SCREAM […]


The Pharrell Williams Hat Show

What the hell was that stupid hat Pharrell Williams was wearing at The GRAMMY Awards?


Cate Blanchett Pleasures the SAG

Cate Blanchett won the SAG award for actress in a leading role at the Screen Actor’s Awards last night, but what was up with this????


John Mayer Talks ‘Who You Love,’ CT Homecoming & His Christmas Gift For Katy Perry

John Mayer has had a busy Christmas this year, as his tour with Phillip Phillips continues, along with the premiere of his new music video for “Who You Love” featuring girlfriend Katy Perry. He talked all about his busy holiday– along with some hints on Katy’s present– when he called Craig and Company.


Flash Back Craig and Company, Gary and John In Drag!

Gary and John glam it up, in drag, for Craig and Company!


Throwback Thursday: The 6:30 Joke Is Back!

So many listeners were excited to see The Dirty Joke of the Week return as a part of Throwback Thursday that we decided to include The 6:30 Joke… with one small change… it was at […]


John Elliott Talks To John Elliott

Our own John Elliott was on the line this morning… with John Elliott! Yes, here in the wonderful world of CBS we have multiple John Elliott’s, such as John Elliott from WCBS 880 in New York, who dialed in today. Check out the conversation with the John’s Elliott on their first encounter!


The Universal Word For Confusion

This little three-letter word is used wordwide… and is at the center of an all-time great phoney phone!


Medium Suzane Northrop Connects Aileen with Her Brother

Watch as Suzane talks with 965 TIC listener Aileen… the results are pretty incredible!




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