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Damon Scott shoppes FV

After years at 96.5 TIC-FM, Damon has worked his way up from men’s room attendant to afternoon drive personality. His morning show-style afternoon gig has earned him many accolades, including being voted “Most Likely to Dissuade Future Broadcasters” by the Connecticut Radio Association. He owns his own creative services business, providing voiceover services for clients ranging from high-end customers like Madison Square Garden to lower-end jobs like the Time-Life books on tape series Performing Simple Surgical Procedures at Home. You might also have seen Damon at the Hartford Wolf Pack home games where he serves as master of ceremonies, or dancing under the name “Thor Thunderpants” at Beefcake Charlie’s in Moodus.



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The Gadgetista Talks New Tech Items Coming Soon

Apple and Samsung both have some really cool new tech items coming very soon, and The Gadgetista breaks them down for us!


Woman Using Credit Card and Laptop (Photo Credit Thinkstock)

Project Closet: Debbie Wright Gets Lucky With Online Deals

Just in time for St Patrick’s Day, Debbie Wright found some helpful ways to get lucky and save big with some online fashion deals. Check out the bargains she has to share!



Oops!… I Did It Again

Listen to Damon Scott’s MAJOR announcement!

96.5 TIC–03/18/2016


Matt Scott’s Weather

Matt Scott has your full forecast with all the details right here!


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Sleep Deprivation & Patterns

Last weekend, we set the clocks ahead for daylight savings, and even that one hour can throw off our sleep pattern. It’s really important to maintain sleep patterns for both your health and for weight control. Here’s some tips to help make you sleep better.


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Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: The Big Short, Brooklyn, Sisters & More

This is another big week for Oscar nominated movies! Get the full rundown from our movie man Sam Hatch!


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Q&A With The Gadgetista

The Gadgetista delves into her (e)mail bag, to answer some of the most pressing questions you have about technology! Read on for all the answers.


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Project Closet: Debbie Wright’s Tips To Look Taller and Slimmer

Interestingly enough, we lose a quarter to half an inch in height every ten years. One solution to this is heels, but when you don’t want to wear sky-high heels every day, there’s other ways to add height and create the illusion of looking taller.


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Carolyn Phillips: Getting Back on Track

It’s easy to get off track with your workout regimen, while getting back on track can be the difficult part. Carolyn Phillips shares easy ways to stick with it!


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Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: Creed, The Danish Girl & More

It’s Oscars clean-up week! All those buzzed-about movies that were nominated and won some awards last weekend are now hitting home viewing, so you can see them for yourself.


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The Gadgetista Reveals Some Apple Easter Eggs

Last week, The Gadgetista offered some cool Easter Eggs you’ll find on Android and Google. Now she’s back with some of the fun features hidden in Apple’s products and programs!



Matt Scott’s Weather

Matt Scott has your full forecast with all the details right here!


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Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: The Good Dinosaur, Spotlight & More

It’s a diverse week for new movies ready for home viewing– we’ve got a really fun new kid’s movie from Disney Pixar, and Oscar favorite with a killer cast, and more! get the whole scoop from Sam Hatch…


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Project Closet: Debbie Wright Talks LA Style

Last week, Debbie Wright was out in Los Angeles for the GRAMMYs, and she took tons of pics and notes on the hottest new styles on the scene. Here’s some of the new trends…


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Carolyn Phillips: What Happens When You Stop Working Out?

Only two out of ten people work out on a regular basis, so what about the rest of us? We fall off the wagon, have to work around a new schedule, or just lose motivation to keep exercising… so what exactly happens when we stop? Carolyn breaks it down.


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Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: Trumbo, Steve Jobs & More

It’s the week of biopics! Get ready to learn about some real world characters in this week’s new movie releases.


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Project Closet: Debbie Wright’s Red Carpet-Ready Beauty Treatments

If you’ve got a special event or trip planned, or just want to look and feel better, here are two treatments to get your skin in tip-top shape.


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Detox & Cleansing

This isn’t one of those “3-day cleanse” fads… we’re talking actual detoxification and cleansing. Here’s how to do it, and the benefits that come with it.


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Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: SPECTRE, Crimson Peak & More

Bond is back on the small screen this week, and that’s just the beginning of this week’s new movie releases ready for home viewing! Get the scoop from our main movie man, Sam Hatch!


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Weird Video of the Day: There’s a Spider In Your Salad!

Imagine you’re making dinner and decide to open that bag of salad mix to spruce up your side dishes for the evening… only to find a giant spider crawling inside the bag!!


Image courtesy Debbie Wright/ ProjectCloset.com

Project Closet: Q&A With Debbie Wright

Debbie Wright is opening the mailbag to answer some frequently asked questions!


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Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: Bridge of Spies, Freeheld & More

This week’s big release features about the biggest heavy hitters in Hollywood re-teaming for a Cold war spy movie! But there’s more movies to see this week… which ones are worth it? Let’s find out!


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The Gadgetista Looks at Fitness Trackers

It’s a New Year, and that means everyone is focused on fitness… and there’s a wide variety of fitness trackers which can help you stay the course and reach your goals. The Gadgetista breaks down some of the best options.


Image courtesy Debbie Wright

Project Closet: Debbie Wright’s Perfect Pairings For The Spring

Let’s look fashion forward, with some perfect pairings for the Spring!


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Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: Goosebumps, The Assassin & More

There’s a pretty cool movie for your older kids and tweens, which you may have missed in theaters, plus an Oscar contender and more coming to home video this week. Get the whole scoop from Sam Hatch!


Image courtesy The Gadgetista

The Gadgetista Talks Medical Tech

A few weeks back, The Gadgetista talked about some of the coolest stuff at CES, and now she’s spotlighting some of the Medical tech that was shown this year.



Everything You Need To Know About Access Health CT

Damon Scott sat down with the fine folks at Access Health CT to talk about the many benefits being offered by the program, as well how you can find and sign up for the insurance coverage that’s right for you and your family.


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Carolyn Phillips: Strengthening Your Immune System

Winter is the season for colds, but you can strengthen your immune system by sticking to these nutritional tips and best practices.


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Project Closet: Debbie Wright Talks The Colors of 2016

Pantone, the color authority, have set the colors of 2016, and for the first time ever, there’s not one but TWO tones that are in this year!


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Carolyn Phillips: 10 ‘Healthy’ Foods That Aren’t Very Healthy

Just because a food claims to be healthy, doesn’t mean it actually is. Carolyn assembles a list of ten culinary culprits who are nowhere near as good for you as you might think.




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