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After years at 96.5 TIC-FM, Damon has worked his way up from men’s room attendant to afternoon drive personality. His morning show-style afternoon gig has earned him many accolades, including being voted “Most Likely to Dissuade Future Broadcasters” by the Connecticut Radio Association. He owns his own creative services business, providing voiceover services for clients ranging from high-end customers like Madison Square Garden to lower-end jobs like the Time-Life books on tape series Performing Simple Surgical Procedures at Home. You might also have seen Damon at the CT Whale home games where he serves as master of ceremonies, or dancing under the name “Thor Thunderpants” at Beefcake Charlie’s in Moodus.



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Tech The Halls With Cellular Chloe!

Here’s a few apps and devices that will add some fun and sanity to your holiday!


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Ask the The Date Doctor: Jaimy Answers Your Questions!

It’s time for another Ask Jaimy day! The Date Doctor is answering the questions she gets from listeners out there.


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Awkward Moment Backstage @ All-Star Christmas

Damon got a little… er… confused when he took this photo backstage at All-Star Christmas. LOL!


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Gavin DeGraw Talks Christmas Gifts & New Music

Gavin DeGraw is getting ready to perform for his biggest fans in Connecticut at the All-Star Christmas, and he shared some insight on the Holidays, his latest album, and his Heisman Trophy connection with Damon Scott.


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Sara Bareilles Talks GRAMMY Noms & More Backstage at All-Star Christmas

Sara Bareilles stopped by to talk with Damon Scott backstage at All-Star Christmas! She gave some insight into being nominated for Album of the Year at the GRAMMYs, her Windows/ “Brave” connection and lots more.


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Damon Interviews The Plain White T’s Backstage At All Star Christmas

Plain White Ts are getting ready to kick off the All-Star Christmas! Before they hit the stage they took the time to sit down with Damon Scott backstage to discuss their pick for the worst artist in the pop music world, what they’d be doing if they weren’t in a band and more.


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More Holiday Gift Ideas From Carolyn Phillips

Carolyn breaks down some fun and trendy classes, all of which you can purchase a gift certificate to attend. You don’t even have to have a gym membership to attend most of these cool classes!


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Tech Stocking Stuffer Gifts From Cellular Chloe

Electronics are IN, and they’re getting bigger and more popular year after year. So Cellular Chloe wanted to share her list of Top 10 best stocking stuffer gifts for the Gadgetista on your list, all of which are available for under $25.


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The Date Doctor’s Great Gift Ideas

It’s Holiday gift time, so Jaimy has some great gift ideas, whether you are married, newly dating, or in a long-time relationship… these gifts will work for any stage of a relationship.


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Project Closet: Avoiding Visible Panty Lines Debbie Wright

It’s been the plague of every woman at some point– visible panty lines! This week, Debbie offers tips on how to avoid this unsightly fashion faux pas… and there’s more ways than just wearing an uncomfortable thong. Check out Debbie’s tips!


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Giving the Gift of Green

It’s the holiday season, so Carolyn Phillips is here to talk about giving the gift of green this year. No, not money– she’s talking about organic gifts you can give!


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Top Tech Accessories, According to Cellular Chloe

It’s Cyber Week, so it seemed like the best time for Cellular Chloe to round up some of the hottest gadget accessories right now. Here’s her picks for those cool side-gifts to give on top of the phones, tablets and other tech offerings.


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Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: The Wolverine, The Smurfs 2 & More

Whether you’re a comic book geek, an angsty tween or a little kid, there’s something for just about everyone this week… Get all the latest home video releases from our resident movie expert, Sam Hatch!


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Carolyn Phillips’ Tips For Fitting In Fitness Over The Holidays

Rather than talk about what foods to avoid during Thanksgiving, Carolyn Phillips is here to offer suggestions on how to fit fitness in over the holiday season.


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Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: Red 2, Getaway & More

There’s some cool new movies to check out this week (Just in time for the long Thanksgiving weekend!)… Get all the latest home video releases from our resident movie expert, Sam Hatch!


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Cellular Chloe’s Top Apps For Shopping Deals

It’s almost Thanksgiving… and that means it’s almost Black Friday! Cellular Chloe is here to help, with some apps and some websites you can use to help weed through deals and save some money!


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Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: The World’s End, We’re The Millers & More

Lots of great comedies and some cool new stuff for the kids is coming out this week… Get all the latest home video releases from our resident movie expert, Sam Hatch!



Cellular Chloe Talks Passwords & Online Security

Recently, Adobe was hacked for 152 million users, so Cellular Chloe is here to share some tips on how to protect yourself online.


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The Date Doctor Talks Internet Dating

It’s been a while since Jaimy talked about Internet Dating, but whenever the Date Doctor starts in on Match.com makeovers, she can’t believe some of the bad choices people make with their profiles. So she’s decided to share some tips to get your Match.com profile showing off the very best in you!


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Project Closet: Debbie Wright Talks Meaningful Gifts

We’re approaching the Holiday season, so Debbie Wright wanted to offer a few suggestions for giving meaningful gifts to your family and friends. Give a gift of meaning and you’ll receive it back!


damon movember

Upload Your Movember Photos!

It’s Movember, and that means we wanna see those mustaches!! Upload your favorite Movember moment here!!


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Cellular Chloe’s Cool Stuff You Can Do On Your Phone

We all know phones are good for calling (duh), and texting and browsing email and the internet… but there’s lots more we can do with smart phones, too! Cellular Chloe has more cool things you can do from your phone– Check out the latest features!


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The Date Doctor: Sports and Dating

It’s the season for sports, so Jaimy wanted to chat about balancing sports and dating. If you’re in a relationship and both like sports, it can be a great thing to watch a game and yell at the TV and have fun. But if you don’t like sports, there’s no reason to fake it.


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Project Closet: Dressing Your Best Every Day With Debbie Wright

When we dress well, we feel great, and good things can happen! People have a mindset that they save dressing up for special occasions, but you should feel just that good every day, even if you’re in jeans. Here’s Debbie’s tips on how to look your best all the time.


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Carolyn Phillips Talks Boosting Brain Fitness

Want more energy? One of the things you can do to feel better and have more energy is keeping your brain fit! Carolyn has some tips on exercises you can do to boost your brain activity…


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Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: White House Down, Grown Ups 2 & More

In the mood to laugh? Or be thrilled by stuff blowing up?? Or maybe something classic, one of the great from yester-year? Sam Hatch has the inside scoop on all the latest home video options you can rent, buy or skip this week!


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Governor Dannel Malloy Talks Election Day

Governor Dannel Malloy called in to talk about Election Day with Damon! Take a listen here…


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Cellular Chloe Talks Mobile Devices On Airplanes

Airlines have recently opened up some new opportunities for using mobile devices on board airplanes, and Cellular Chloe is here to share the latest updates.


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The Date Doctor Speaks On Closure

There’s a lot of BS surrounding “closure” in a relationship. There are some questions you need to ask yourself before you go back for more closure after a relationship ends, and she shares those important questions– and some advice– to help you get over it in the best way possible.


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Halloween Flashback! Schoolgirl Gina

Check out our own Gossip Godess, Gina J circa 1999 in this Halloween flashback photo!