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Christine Lee

Christine Lee 6

Wake up weekday mornings to 96.5 TIC to hear Christine Lee with Craig and Company on 96.5 TIC.  Christine Lee joined Craig & Company in 1996 where she has been baby sitting Gary Craig and John Elliott ever since!  In 2001, Christine took a few years off to start a family with her husband, George and in 2005–4 years and 2 children later–she rejoined the crew.  Listen to Christine every morning on Craig and Company from 5:30 to 10am each weekday morning.

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The Key To Marital Bliss

According to a new study, the key to marital happiness is how fast the WIFE stops being angry after arguments. The researchers found it didn’t matter how fast or slow the husband got over crap, it’s the wife’s speed that really determined the couples happiness going forward.


(Jemal Countess/Getty)

Woman Tells Trick Or Treaters They’re Fat

Can you believe what this woman is doing?!



Meatloaf Makes Or Breaks Marriage?

Christine Lee’s husband tried to ORDER dinner… WHAT?!


(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Don’t Spend A Dime On Halloween Candy!

Check out the foolproof plan!


(Clive Brunskill/Staff)

19 Celebrities Who Don’t Drink

Some have never had a drink while others just stopped recently. Check out the list!


(Julien M. Hekimian/Stringer)

Kim Kardashian Gives Fans A Full Moon

Is this a sign of confidence or insecurity??



Wounded Soldier’s Salute Inspires People Around The World

Being raised around the world while my father lived a military life, this story found a special place in my heart. A photo of an injured Army Ranger saluting his commanding officer from his hospital [...]


Sam Edwards

5 Things Successful People Do Before 8 A.M.

Remember the old US Army slogan “We do more before 9 A.M. than most people do all day”?  Well, according to Forbes, the most successful people ARE indeed morning people, and they complete a bunch [...]



The Daily Puppy–White German Sheppards

All I can say is…awwwwwwwww! [youtube}


(Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images Sport)

Worst Parking Lot Exit, EVER.

You think you’ve seen bad drivers? You think you’ve seen idiots trying to maneuver a parking lot? You haven’t lived till you see this stupid idiot trying to get out of a parking lot.


(Photo by Christine Lee)

Scot Haney Talks To Craig & Company About His Viral Video

A long-time friend of Craig & Company, Scot Haney called in to talk about the infamous cat puke eating incident, and made it clear it was NOT a stunt to try and get ratings!



Scot Haney Eats Cat Puke, Seriously.

No this isn’t a Halloween prank…my friend Scot Haney really DID eat cat puke.


Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Staff

That Awkward Moment When Your Gym Teacher Recognizes You

Oh, and your old gym teacher was HUGH JACKMAN! Yikes!


daily puppy DL

The Daily Puppy–Chocolate Lab Meets Vanilla Ice Cream

What doggy doesn’t like a yummy treat? Here’s today’s Daily Puppy that mixes chocolate and vanilla…. that’s a chocolate lab and a vanilla ice cream cone. Sweet!


daily puppy DL

The Daily Puppy–Puffy Pesters Rocky

1 cute French Bulldog puppy named Puffy + 1 English Bulldog named Rocky = 1 adorable video. Yes, in this case 1+1 equals one!



The Daily–Sleepy–Puppy

Wittle sweepy Maltese pupster just can’t stay awake and finally keels over like a drunken sailer. Awwwww!


(Photo credit: YURI CORTEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Soccer Fan Escalator Fail

Look at these stupid soccer idiots overloading the escalator.



The Daily Puppy–French Bulldog Plays With His Pups

Check out today’s Daily Puppy with a playful French Bulldog dad having fun with his pups.



The Daily Puppy: Bulldog Has Best Day Of His Life

Make sure you have some kleenex handy for The Daily Puppy. (Happy tears, I promise!)



The Daily Puppy-Great Dane Scared Of Banana

I just love big, goofy Great Danes. This silly girl named Hope seems to think a banana is out to get her!



The Daily Puppy

I DARE you not to smile at these little golden retriever puff balls! Go on, see if you can remain a sourpuss.



Your Daily Dose Of Cuteness

Is this the cutest puppy video of all time? I vote yes.


(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Puppy In A Pack-N-Play

Ahhhh, cute puppy video alert!


(Photo credit: JOYCE NALTCHAYAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Beanie Babies Creator Charged With Tax Evasion

Tax evasion for the creator of Beanie Babies? Uh oh!


Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/ Getty Images News

Awesome LG Prank

How would YOU react if you saw an apocalyptic meteor headed right for your office window?



Biggest Letdowns After Becoming An Adult

Growing up has plenty of drawbacks!


(Photo credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

John McCain Caught Playing Online Poker During Syria Hearings

See what the Senator admitted to doing!


(Credit: Thinkstock)

Epic Australian Man Arrested

Isn’t this one of the great Shakespearean actors of the stage and screen? David Ogden Stiers, is that you? No? The elegantly-spoken chap shown being arrested in an old news clip is revealed to be Paul [...]



Kids Back At School, Moms Go Shopping!

Finally there’s enough time in the day to shop!


(Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Lady Gaga Engaged?

A homeless guy was waiting outside Lady Gaga’s hotel when he gave her an engagement ring! She reciprocated with a rose, money and posed for pictures. My question is when is the wedding?





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