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Wake up weekday mornings to 96.5 TIC to hear Christine Lee with Craig and Company on 96.5 TIC.  Christine Lee joined Craig & Company in 1996 where she has been baby sitting Gary Craig and John Elliott ever since!  In 2001, Christine took a few years off to start a family with her husband, George and in 2005–4 years and 2 children later–she rejoined the crew.  Listen to Christine every morning on Craig and Company from 5:30 to 10am each weekday morning.

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(Warwick Saint for Warner Bros. Records)

Awww, Michael Bublé Shares Precious Picture With Newborn

We’ve found the cutest selfie of 2016!

96.5 TIC–02/10/2016

ABC Photo of Ben Higgins

The Bachelor Power Rankings Episode 6

Six girls are left and the Wicked Witch is gone!


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Top 5 Super Bowl 50 Commercials

Cars, chips, actors and singers top this list.


(Mike Windle / Getty)

The Only Super Bowl Prediction That Matters

You must watch this video before making any final decisions.

96.5 TIC–02/05/2016

ABC Photo of Ben Higgins

The Bachelor Power Rankings Episode 5

To be continued? WHAT!


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Latest Goat Viral Video is NUTS!

Seriously, what has gotten this goat’s GOAT?


(RCA Records)

Watch Zayn Get It On With Gigi Hadid!

The video for his debut single is here and it’s steamy… and trippy!

96.5 TIC–01/29/2016

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Three Cheers for Barbie’s New Bodies: Curvy, Tall and Petite

So glad Barbie joined the century, but what about Ken?


christine gary

Forget Trump. Gary Craig Needs One Million Twitter Followers, NOW!

Watch the video on the biggest political issue you don’t know about.


Tanuki: A Slim-Jim Eating Racoon-Dog Takes Over The Internet

Is it a racoon or a dog or a racoon-dog?


ABC Photo of Ben Higgins

The Bachelor Power Rankings Episode 4

Olivia: “Hey Ben, can I steal you for a minute?” (Repeat 99 times.)


Washington DC News Prankster Says Prostitutes Stuck On Snowy Roads

Who is screening this tv station’s calls?!


ABC Photo of Ben Higgins

The Bachelor Power Rankings Week 3

Lace walks out and Jubilee takes over!


Photo by Christine Lee

Six Tips From A Billionaire If You Win Powerball

Take it from Mark Cuban, he knows a thing or two about money!


ABC Photo of Ben Higgins

The Bachelor Power Rankings Week 2

Move over Lace, there’s a NEW villain in town!

96.5 TIC–01/12/2016

The Taco Cleanse Photo

The Taco Cleanse Diet

Tacos for 30 days to lose weight? Sign me up!


Photo Credit: LEON NEAL
/ AFP / Getty

See David Bowie Transform Over The Years

Amazing animated GIF captures all of the late, great musicians’ different looks.


(Mark The Shark)

Meet The 96.5 TIC Traffic Team

Mark The Shark has the best of the best working with him.

96.5 TIC–01/08/2016

(Mark The Shark)

Who Says Radio Isn’t Glamorous?

Get a special behind the scenes look at Mark The Shark’s studio.

96.5 TIC–01/07/2016

WATCH: Adorable Baby Can’t Stop Laughing at the Word ‘Donkey’

No other animal works–only “DONKEY”!


ABC Photo of Ben Higgins

The Bachelor Contestant Power Rankings Week 1

Which ladies are leading the pack to win Ben Higgins heart? Read on…


(Tannis Toohey / Getty)

Bacon Bacon Bacon

This kid’s reaction to tasting bacon for the first time represents how we all felt that first magical moment.

96.5 TIC–01/04/2016

(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

This Year’s Kardashian Christmas Card Is The Best Ever!

This pic will melt the heart of even the biggest Kardashian hater… for real!

96.5 TIC–12/24/2015

Getty Image

Merry Fruit Nuts from Craig & Company

Our Christmas card is both nutty AND fruity!


Getty Image

Animal Fails of 2015

Must-see video of the silliest pets


Getty Image

Can You Find The Panda?

You’ll lose your mind trying to spot him!


Getty Image

Donald Trump with a sophisticated British accent

THIS is a Donald I might take seriously!


Getty Images

Miranda Lambert’s Christmas Lights Stay Up All Year

Sounds like an opportunity for a Gary Craig crank call!


Photo Credit: JP Yim/ Getty Images Entertainment

What Your Favorite WWE Stars Want For Christmas

Better lip-synching skills perhaps?


Photo Credit: Brian Ambrose Photography

All-Star Interview: Rachel Platten Talks Beauty Secrets & More

Rachel Platten is not only an amazing performer, she’s also a beautiful young woman, and she shared some of her secrets with Christine Lee backstage at All-Star Christmas.




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