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Wake up weekday mornings to 96.5 TIC to hear Christine Lee with Craig and Company on 96.5 TIC.  Christine Lee joined Craig & Company in 1996 where she has been baby sitting Gary Craig and John Elliott ever since!  In 2001, Christine took a few years off to start a family with her husband, George and in 2005–4 years and 2 children later–she rejoined the crew.  Listen to Christine every morning on Craig and Company from 5:30 to 10am each weekday morning.

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You Gotta See This Frenchie Talkin’ Bull Dog Pup

We’ve found the cutest puppy ever!


Photo Credit: Matt Jelonek/ Getty Images News

As You Can See Behind Me

My new mission in life: To get local TV reporters to actually report in a parking lot with something going on.

96.5 TIC–04/07/2014

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Boomer Esiason Criticized Mets Player For Missing Game Because Wife Had A Baby

A guy who plays for the Mets had to miss the first game of the season, because his wife had a baby on Opening Day. And Boomer Esiason criticized him for deciding to stay home.


Photo Credit: Christine Lee, 96.5 TIC

Silly April Fool’s Prank To Play On Your Kids

This is a fun little prank to play on your kids.



Gwyneth Paltrow Proves Why She’s Despised Worldwide

Hey moms, our jobs are EASY compared to Gwyneth Paltrow’s. Yes, Princess Gwyneth really thinks being a movie star mom is harder than being a mom with a normal job.


(Matt Cardy/Getty)

Naked Yoga?!

Seriously, would you want some dude’s boys hanging in front of you while you’re trying to do a downward dog?


(Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Sad Remix of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’

Pharrell’s catchy, peppy tune ‘Happy’ is without a doubt an uplifting song. But, change the music and leave the lyrics and you get a whole new sad version of the song.


(Frazer Harrison/Getty)

The Ultimate Commercial About Nothing

It’s about time there was some honest advertising!


(Ronald Martinez/Getty)

Are Carson Daly And Shakira Vampires?

That can be the only explanation for these photos!


Photo: Christine Lee, 965TIC

Frankie Foils Foam Roller Stretch

I just wanted to stretch out my back using a foam roller. But my nutty 6 month old pit bull-lab mix, Frankie had other ideas.


(Photo by George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images)

10 Ways To Stop Putting Yourself Down

Here are a few ways you can instantly turn your negative thoughts inside out.


Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images Entertainment

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets To The Chopper On QVC

The action star proves he has some legit comedic chops!


(Courtesy Interscope Records)

Which Divergent Faction Are You?

Before you do anything this week, you need to answer these very important questions!


(Steve Granitz/Getty)

Madonna’s Latest WTF Moment

This video is odd… even by Madonna’s standards.


(Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty)

Billy Joel, Jimmy Fallon Deliver Amazing Duet

With the help of an iPad and The Roots, Fallon and the Piano Man will get this song stuck in your head!


(Doug Benc/Getty)

The Greatest ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Solve Of All Time

Even host Pat Sajak couldn’t believe how this puzzle was solved!



Can’t Beat Christine: Kristen from Harrington

Kristen from Harrington tried her hand at “Can’t Beat Christine” Friday morning and you can do the same by playing along right now!

96.5 TIC–03/07/2014

(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Airplane! Idiots Haven’t Aged A Day

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism has a new ad with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Robert Hays, reprising their famous Airplane movie roles.


(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Pink’s Over The Rainbow Oscar Performance

What an amazing artist Pink is. She can sing a rock song, a rap song, a slow ballad and she does them all in her own, awesome style. No ridiculous bravado in her voice, just pure emotion and talent!


(Dave Kotinsky/Getty)

‘The ADULT Lego Movie’

There’s no need to wait years for “The Lego Movie” sequel… it’s already here!


My son, Ian enjoying car shopping. He wanted a pick up. I told him it didn't make sense for a family car! LOL

Lessons Learned While Car Shopping

Boy oh boy has shopping for a new car been an eye-opening experience.


So he's not sitting in a Durango…but it IS a Dodge at Gengras. My son loves cars and car shopping!

2014 Dodge Durango Citadel Mom Review

My Volvo XC-90 has just about run it’s course. I feared for my LIFE when I drove home during the big ass storm last week. My car is literally held together with duct tape and spit. Ok, not spit…but duct tape, yes. Here’s a nice shot featuring the red duct tape on my driver’s seat. Uh, huh….that’s what KIDS and DOGS do to nice cars. Yikes.



Winter Driving Idiots Caught On Camera

Were you out driving in this week’s nasty weather? Christine was… and she caught some real winners on camera!


(Justin Sullivan/Getty)

A Very Special Local News Report!

During this week’s storm, the local news crews hit the street to deliver some hard hitting stories!


Photo courtesy Nancy Santello

Big Displays For Big Game

You’ll find some crazy cool stuff in New York City this week, including a customizable NFL merchandise vending machine!

96.5 TIC–01/30/2014

(Jason Merritt/Getty)

Vin Diesel Shows Off His (Drunk?) Dance Moves

This video will be burned into your memory!


Xander at Rosenberg Orthodontics

What A Difference A Year Makes

Dr. Barry Rosenberg, DMD, put a Herbst Brace on my then 10 year old son Xander’s teeth to correct a pretty significant overbite. That was on January 16th, 2013. Flash forward one year (and 2 [...]


(Alex Livesey/Getty)

The ULTIMATE Workout Playlist

Need some help going that extra mile? Try out this scientifically proven playlist!


Photo Credit: Brendon Thorne/ Getty Images News

Dog Howls Like Police Siren

Sure sounds like a future police dog to me!


(Kevin C. Cox/Getty)

Woman Starts A “Wrecking Brawl” At Sugar Bowl

What could make this epic brawl at the Sugar Bowl better? Miley Cyrus!





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