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Wake up weekday mornings to 96.5 TIC to hear Christine Lee with Craig and Company on 96.5 TIC.  Christine Lee joined Craig & Company in 1996 where she has been baby sitting Gary Craig and John Elliott ever since!  In 2001, Christine took a few years off to start a family with her husband, George and in 2005–4 years and 2 children later–she rejoined the crew.  Listen to Christine every morning on Craig and Company from 5:30 to 10am each weekday morning.

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Women’s March: Hear Us ROAR!

Sights and sounds from the Women’s March on Washington.


Watch How George Michael Inspired Carpool Karaoke

George Michael was such a pop visionary that he was part of “Carpool Karaoke” before it was even a thing.


The Sencio Files: Norwegian Doppelgänger

Is it Bill or is it his twin?


Frenchie Talk….

My new favorite dog, thanks to Lady Gaga.


Happy “Home Alone” 26th Anniversary!

Celebrate by watching these memorable moments.


How I explained Hillary Clinton’s loss to my 11 year old son.

Read the letter I left him this morning–the healing starts at home.


9 Things Taking A Ballot Selfie Says About You

Check out my Connecticut selfie–making HER-story!


Election Night Comfort Food Recipes For The Busy Mom

Plus easy store-bought, time saving alternatives cuz who the hell can do IT ALL? (Yes, wine is included!)


Women Have Finally Caught Up With Men in Drinking

The wage gap still exists, but at least the “getting hammered” gap is GONE.


Watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s Climate Doc ‘Before The Flood’ For Free

The world is burning, liquifying and warming faster than anyone expected. Can we stop it?


USA Today Shares Most Popular Halloween Treat By State

Thank you USA Today. Now I’m craving chocolate.


Weird Al Takes on the Third Debate

Turns the political dispute into a song.


2004 Video of Donald Trump Trying to Vote Shows How Hard It Is To Rig The System

Seems The Donald is living proof that voter fraud isn’t so easy.


These 34 Books Will Take Your Mind Off Election 2016

There’s something for everyone–whether you love novels, thrillers, self-help, sports, memoirs, young adult, historical fiction, romance, audio books, children’s books or even coloring books!


I’m Having A Hard Time Reporting On The Trump Sex Allegations. It’s Personal.

Any woman who has been THERE knows what I mean. Isn’t that most of us?


Men’s Locker Room Talk? How About We Women Start Being Nicer To Each Other?

Have you checked the comments on Kim Kardashian’s Twitter feed lately?


The Best Thing To Come Out Of The Debate Besides Ken Bone

It’s Donald and Hillary serenading each other!


A Blake Shelton Look-a-Like Fooled Concert Security and Made It Backstage

A Blake Shelton doppelganger fooled fans and security at Blake’s concert in Fargo, North Dakota on Saturday. He hung out backstage and ate free food before someone finally made him go back to his seat. The guy’s name […]


MEN TELL ALL–What they REALLY think about Wigs, Weaves & Extensions!

Wait till you see what they think is sexy.


Seven Things That Are Proven To Help Your Kids Succeed

Back to school brings with it lots of homework and frustration. These tips can help.


Here’s How To Build The Perfect Burger

Just in time for Labor Day weekend!


What’s Up With Usher’s New Album Artwork?

Hard II Love or Hard II Understand?


I’m THE MAN, I Ate A Whole Habanero Pepper Live, On Air

Ok, well–I’m the WOMAN, but still….watch the video and cringe!


Gilmore Girls Fan Fest Coming To Connecticut

Washington Depot


Steph Curry’s Daughters’ Playhouse is Probably Nicer Than Your Real House

The first episode of TLC’s new show “Playhouse Masters” aired this week with Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. They built a playhouse for his daughters Riley and Ryan and it might be nicer than your REAL […]


No One Does Cheat Day Like The Rock

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?

96.5 TIC–08/19/2016

I Tried Out The Easy Summer Hair As Seen On Today

Under 60 second style is super simple and fun!


Check Out The Crazy ‘Rose Cube’ Kanye Sent James Corden!

He sent one to Taylor Swift once, too. Wait, what?!




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