Damon Scott

Six Flags Fright Fest: A Date With Death!It was the first night out for Damon and Bunny, since the birth of their son Tucker... so where do they go? To Fright Fest at Six Flags New England, of course!
Talking Upgrades and Space With The GadgetistaOver 400,000 people have discovered they have upgrades available for their phones, but their device does not have memory space to support it. When a new operating system comes out, you need the space on your device to download it. What is the best thing to do?
The Date Doctor: Things You Can't Overdo In A New RelationshipThere's such a thing as too much of a good thing, and that goes to some things we do when we're newly dating someone. In moderation, these things are okay, but you need to be cautious not to overdo them, because that will spell relationship suicide.
Win Tickets To See Ricky Martin LiveRicky Martin is coming to Mohegan Sun Arena on Sunday, October 18th, and we want to send you to see the show!
Baby Crack!There's nothing better than after a day of playing Taylor Swift over and over... Than the Frog Song on Tucker's Fischer Price Rocky Chair... It is... BABY CRACK!
Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: Avengers Age of Ultron, Spy, Entourage & MoreIt's a big week for movies, and whether you're into action, drama, comedy or all the above, there's some must-see flicks ready for home viewing. Here's the scoop...
The Date Doctor: 5 Ways You're Most Likely To Find True LoveJaimy posed a question to her Facebook group, asking "People who are most likely to find true love are those who [BLANK]." The prompt got a few funny responses, as well as some insightful ones. Here's the Top 5 best responses.
Project Closet: Debbie Wright's Dressing Tips For MenDebbie has seen a lot of men out there wearing shirts that are too billowy, pants that are too long, and she feels some men need a little love and a little direction. So here we go...
The Gadgetista Talks Cell Phones For ChildrenKids and cell phones. It can be a tricky thing for parents to figure out, so The Gadgetista shares some insight into when the best time might be to introduce your children to cell phones and other technology.
The Date Doctor: Dating When You Have an IllnessThis could be a downer of a topic, but it doesn't have to be... The Date Doctor has a rundown of some common illnesses, and how they can change the dynamic of dating.
Project Closet: At Home Beauty Treatments With Debbie WrightNot all beauty treatments have to be super expensive... There's some things you can do using things you already have lying around the house! Here's some at-home beauty tips from Debbie Wright.
Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: Furious 7, Cinderella & MoreThere's a BIG new release this week, so rev up those engines and let's get ready for Furious 7!