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Carolyn Phillips: Everyday Products Connected To Health IssuesWhen most people approach weight loss, they look at their diet or their exercise... but there's more factors-- namely, hormones. There are certain chemicals that affect your hormones and destroy your metabolism. Here's some of the biggest offenders.
Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: Terminator Genisys, Trainwreck & MoreOne of this movies is a total "trainwreck," and it's NOT the new comedy from Amy Schumer... though that's out too! Get a look at this week's new releases for home entertainment from Sam Hatch!
Charlie Puth Stops By To Visit Damon ScottAll-Star Christmas artist Charlie Puth paid Damon and Gina a visit today at the 96.5 TIC studios! What was Charlie thinking about when he posed for this pic with Damon?
The Gadgetista Talks Live Feeds & Social Media
Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: Inside Out, Vacation & MorePixar is going to dominate the new releases of the week, with Inside Out! There's lots more movies hitting home entertainment, too... get the whole scoop from Sam Hatch!
Project Closet: How To Pull Off The Oversized SweaterWe're living in a big trend for women right now... the oversized sweater! Debbie Wright has some tips on how to pull this look off perfectly.
Trunk or Treat at Blue Back SquareDamon Scott stopped by the Trunk Or Treat event at Blue Back Square last weekend to marvel at the awesome costumes and fun times. Check out his video from Trunk or Treat now!!
Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: Pixels, The Gift & MoreWhether you want suspense, comedy, heroic animals, or oldies but goodies... there's a new movie out for home viewing perfect for you. Here's the lowdown, from our movie man, Sam Hatch!
Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: Jurassic World, Paper Towns & MoreThere's one GIANT-sized release this week, and some more movies that might be worth watching, too. Get the BIG new release and all the rest in Sam Hatch's weekly movie rundown!
Project Closet: Debbie Wright's Fashion Rules That Need To Be BrokenSometimes, rules are made to be broken... and that applies to fashion, too! Debbie Wright shares some insight into when it's best to go against the grain, in terms of your wardrobe.
Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: San Andreas, Tomorrowland & MoreThere's new action, family-friendly sci-fi and lots more coming to home viewing this week. get the rundown on all this week's movie releases with Sam Hatch!
Carolyn Phillips' Tips To Avoid Treats & Goodies Over the HolidaysWe're approaching the Holiday season gauntlet-- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years... and Carolyn has some tips on how to avoid those treats and goodies that are all too present this time of year.
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