THE BACHELORETTE PADcast: Episode 3 - The Bachelorette 13.3This week we bid a not-so-fond farewell to Whaboom and Blake! We debate if Rachel made her first mistake of the season and if she’s borrowing from Nick Viall’s bag of tricks.
THE BACHELORETTE PADcast: Episode 2 - The Bachelorette 13.2The drama has arrived in full force and it wasn't even from Waboom Guy!
THE BACHELORETTE PADcast: Episode 1 - The Bachelorette 13.1The Bachelorette is back and we’re here to analyze all 31 (!!!!) men vying for Rachel’s affection. Hear an all new episode of The Bachelorette Padcast now!
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 11 - The Bachelor Season 21 FinaleThe end is here! Nick Viall makes his final choice and we dive into his decision… Plus all the ways he went wrong. We also got a preview of The Bachelorette and try to guess which of Nick’s girls could end up in Paradise this summer.
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 10 – The Bachelor 21.10It's down to the final two, but more importantly we find out if Raven finally had the big O. We'll also dive into the drama-filled "Women Tell All" that featured another Corinne vs. Taylor showdown.
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 9 – The Bachelor 21.9Corinne is FINALLY gone and Nick is off to the fantasy suites. But first Raven drops a BOMB about never having the big O. Could it really be true?
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 8 – The Bachelor 21.8Hometowns are finally here!
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 7 – The Bachelor 21.7Before diving into the group’s trip to the Bahamas, we break down the historic pick for the next Bachelorette! With Nick down to his final four and home town visits on the horizon, is he finally ready to find love?
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 6 – The Bachelor 21.6Is Nick just a bad fit for this show?
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 5 – The Bachelor 21.5Are we finally nearing the end of Make America Corinne Again?!
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 4 – The Bachelor 21.4Have we already seen the best/worst of Corinne? We talk about just how long everyone’s favorite Bachelor villain might stick around. Also, is there a surprising winner in the Corinne/Taylor feud?
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 3 – The Bachelor 21.3Hurricane Corinne continues to hover over The Bachelor, this week with the assist of whipped cream and a bounce house.

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