THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 8 – The Bachelor 21.8Hometowns are finally here!
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 7 – The Bachelor 21.7Before diving into the group’s trip to the Bahamas, we break down the historic pick for the next Bachelorette! With Nick down to his final four and home town visits on the horizon, is he finally ready to find love?
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 6 – The Bachelor 21.6Is Nick just a bad fit for this show?
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 5 – The Bachelor 21.5Are we finally nearing the end of Make America Corinne Again?!
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 4 – The Bachelor 21.4Have we already seen the best/worst of Corinne? We talk about just how long everyone’s favorite Bachelor villain might stick around. Also, is there a surprising winner in the Corinne/Taylor feud?
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 3 – The Bachelor 21.3Hurricane Corinne continues to hover over The Bachelor, this week with the assist of whipped cream and a bounce house.
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 2 - The Bachelor 21.2Bachelor Nick finally gets to take his girls out on dates, including wedding photos and a breakup emporium! We’ll break down all the drama, including Corinne’s rise to the top and the Nick’s showdown with Liz.
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 1 - The Bachelor 21.1The Bachelor is back!
BACHELOR IN PARADISEcast: Episode 6 - Bachelor In Paradise 306The end is here! We take a look at the final four couples – including a record THREE engagements. Which ones are most likely to last? We may have found the real reason Nick was revealed as The Bachelor a week before the Bachelor in Paradise finale.
BACHELOR IN PARADISEcast: Episode 5 - Bachelor In Paradise 305The Jared-Caila-Ashley love triangle finally collapses and we take a look at all of the fallout. Is Amanda missing a ton of red flags when it comes to Josh? And we finally know who the next Bachelor will be… did they make the right call?
BACHELOR IN PARADISEcast: Episode 4 - Bachelor In Paradise 304With Ashley still crying over Jared and trying her best to sabotage his relationship with Caila, is it time for her to leave paradise (for real this time)? We also break down the first big split of the season: Team Izzy or Team Vinny.
BACHELOR IN PARADISEcast: Episode 3 - Bachelor In Paradise 303Hurricane Ashley arrives in Paradise and immediately stirs up drama with Jared and Caila… but is it time for her to finally move on?

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