The Fame Files: George Foreman (1998)George talked about how the Lean, Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine sparked a healthy eating craze across the country and much more!
The Fame Files: Hugh Hefner (2000)Hef describes the connection between Playboy and pop culture, and how the magazine has been a "rite of passage" for so many young men.
The Fame Files: Rod Stewart (1993)Rod Stewart joined Craig and Company to talk about touring with his family, why he thinks he'll live into his 90s, and what he considers to be his all time greatest song.
The Fame Files: Donald Trump (1997)He's the president now... but not when Craig and Company talked to him.
The Fame Files: Dana Carvey (2011)When he called Craig and Company to preview his performance at The Bushnell, Dana delved into the psychology of The Church Lady, Hans and Franz, and more of his most iconic characters. Hear what happened next!
The Fame Files: Dave Matthews (2009)Whose fans would win in a fight-- DMB's or Jimmy Buffet's? Dave Matthews offered his hot take...
The Fame Files: Carrie Underwood (2012)Carrie talked about how that album was a new direction for her as a writer and an artist, what it's like being married to an athlete, the one sport she and Mike Fisher watch on TV, plus her style tips and favorite beauty products.
The Fame Files: Cher (1999)It was 1999 when Cher's hit 'Believe' was on radios everywhere and she called Craig and Company to talk about her career before the new millennium!
The Fame Files: Cindy Crawford (1995)Supermodel Cindy Crawford called in to Craig and Company to discuss the fitness video she released in 1995.
The Fame Files: David Lee Roth (1998)David Lee Roth set the record straight about his departure from the band, explained how the DLR Band's "Slam Dunk" became an overnight hit, and much more. Listen...
The Fame Files: Cyndi Lauper (2002)Pop culture icon Cyndi Lauper called in to Craig and Company to discuss growing up in Brooklyn, her 2002 tour with Cher, and much more. Listen now!
The Fame Files: Billy Bob Thornton (1997)The very interesting Billy Bob Thornton called in to Craig and Company just as the Oscar buzz was building around Sling Blade. He explains his perspective on the film, his first experience with Awards season, and more.

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