Chester Bennington's Widow Shares Son Jaime's Music“These pieces took me far away from any notion of form, harmony, or time that I had so desperately wanted to control."
Zayn Malik is Working on 'More Thought Out' Second Solo Album"'Mind of Mine' was a brainstorm. That’s why I called it 'Mind of Mine,' because it was ideas that I had that I put out. This one is more thought out."
This Red Sox First Pitch Is NutsIf you watch one video all week, this should be it.
BACHELOR IN PARADISEcast: Episode 1 - Bachelor In Paradise 4.1The star of the first two episodes – Matt Munson – joins us to break down all the drama in Paradise!
Dirty Laundry 8/14/17: Tom Cruise Injured???Tom Cruise seems to have gotten hurt on the set of his next movie! Plus, the Kardashian spinoffs are dropping like flies! These stories and more in today's Dirty Laundry...
Zip Tips For A Healthy, Fit You!Pop Singer, Rihanna, knows that maintaining a healthy diet is the key to being happy and fit.  That's why she sticks to 5 small meals a day to do so.  How can you be in tip top Rihanna shape?  
Dirty Laundry 8/11/17: Why Taylor's Bodyguard Didn't Intervene?Why didn't Taylor Swift's bodyguard do anything about the alleged groping incident? And what boy band is dropping a Christmas album? Find out the answers, plus lots more in today's Dirty Laundry!
Pizza Truck Crashes, Spills Pies All Over Arkansas HighwayMy guess is Gary Craig's Annoying Pizza Crank Call had something to do with it.
The Fame Files: David Lee Roth (1998)David Lee Roth set the record straight about his departure from the band, explained how the DLR Band's "Slam Dunk" became an overnight hit, and much more. Listen...
Dirty Laundry 8/10/17: Taylor Takes The StandTaylor Swift testifies, Britney Spears has a scare on stage, and HBD to Kylie Jenner! These stories and more in today's Dirty Laundry!
Matt Munson Weighs In On 'The Bachelorette' Finale With Gina JWas Gina J flipping from #TeamBryan to #TeamPeter?
Wesley Snipes Beat Out Prince for His Role in Michael Jackson's 'Bad'"Prince was actually considered the lead character in the 'Bad' video, and then Michael met me and kicked Prince to the curb."

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