Can’t Beat Christine: October 11, 2017

Sarah from Glastonbury stepped up to the challenge to beat Christine. Can she do it?  Find out who won and play along with the questions below! Highlight underneath each question to see the answer! And see if you Can’t Beat Christine!

Who just got fired from the company bearing his name for inappropriate behavior with women?
Harvey Weinstein

Rock singer Daryl Hall is 70 today. What is the name of his singing partner who co-performed all his hits?
John Oates 

What cookie company will give you $50,000 if you can guess their new flavor? 

Melania and Ivana Trump are having a throwdown because Melania said what? 
That she’s the real First Lady.

Oprah visited a bank for the first time in years to deposit a check in the amount of what?
$2 million 

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