Yes, I turned down a doughnut on National Doughnut Day

This morning, I got an iced coffee rather than my usual hot coffee at Dunkin Donuts–because you know, I felt like living dangerously.

After I placed my order, the drive-thru attendant asked what kind of doughnut I wanted for National Doughnut Day. I said, “Thanks but I’m trying to get fit for summer, but I’ll take a glazed doughnut for my co-worker.”

He laughed and replied, “I hear ya, I can’t eat anything here either!” And then he told me to pull around for my iced coffee.

When I got to the window, I decided to decline the free doughnut after all. I mean, the delicious smell of the sugary treat would cause me to lose all my self control–and I’ve been doing so good lately. (Down 15 pounds!)

Guess what? Seems lots of people are turning free doughnuts down because the Dunkin Donuts guy said he’d add my doughnut to the NINE others he has put aside. He planed on taking them to his second job.

I guess he’s got more self-discipline than I do.

So to all the doughnut-turner-downers today, don’t let your evil co-workers make you feel bad for taking care of your health!

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