Carolyn Phillips: Spring Gym SWEAT-iquette

It’s time for your physical, nutritional, and motivational meet-up with Carolyn Phillips!

This week we’re talking about “do’s and don’ts” when you’re at the gym.

Smell Good
Don’t overdo fragrances and perfumes – some people may be allergic or it could be distracting.

Dress Appropriately
You’re at the gym. No reason to dress up for a night out.

Stay Home When Sick
In general, it’s okay to exercise if you’re not feeling well, UNLESS it’s a chest cold – then you gotta sit it out.

Keep Unsolicited Advice To Yourself
Most people don’t know what they’re doing anyways.

Respect Others’ Desire For Quiet 
Stay off your phone. No one wants to hear your conversation.

Unload Your Weight Bar
Put the weights back. Some people leave things out and about and it’s just not fair.

Wipe It Down
Wipe down the bench and use a towel.

Obey Time Limits
Don’t hog the machines. And there’s no reason to do cardio for over an hour.

For your one-stop fitness resource online, visit Carolyn’s website, Fit Behavior!


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