My Grandfather Is A Bad-Ass

My 91 year old grandpa just had open heart surgery and he’s recovering like a champ.

He’s a retired Air Force colonel. He was a bad-ass pilot. He flew KC-135 R’s, the kind of planes that refuel other planes mid-air.

12l kc 135r stratotanker My Grandfather Is A Bad Ass


He’s a guy who, with my grandma, raised four kids.

Papa and Grandma in the 50's. Note the portraits of my mom and uncle in the background.

Papa and Grandma in the 50’s being silly and fabulous.

Together they put them all through college. They paid off their house and didn’t move to a bigger one like so many of us feel the need to do now.

scan0024 My Grandfather Is A Bad Ass

Grandma with my mom (right), aunt (in her arms) and uncle.

They paid for their cars and drove them till they wouldn’t go anymore.

scan0009 My Grandfather Is A Bad Ass

Papa and Grandma on vacation–NOT at an expensive hotel.

They replaced appliances when they died, not because they wanted stainless steel.  They scrimped and saved and worked hard.

scan0005 My Grandfather Is A Bad Ass

My grandma watching my uncle before he most certainly got into a little mischief.

They are from The Greatest Generation and their way of thinking is sadly fading fast.

Today, we buy crap we don’t need, move to houses we can’t afford and lease cars instead of driving them into the ground. We’re in debt up to our eyeballs, we watch stupid reality tv and complain about everything.

They complained about nothing.

Me and my papa.

Me and my Papa.

I remember several years ago–when my beloved grandma was still alive–my grandparents came from Nebraska to visit me and my family. We had just built a new house and I was super excited to show my grandma my walk-in closet.

They came to the house, I brought her upstairs, into the master bedroom, into the closet and she took one look around and said, “no one needs this many shoes.”

Then she walked out.

I was horrified. And embarrassed. Because she was right.

p1010294 My Grandfather Is A Bad Ass

My amazing grandparents at my wedding, 1999.

We could learn a thing or two from our elders. We should really start paying attention to what they say and do.

Don’t worry, you can still enjoy life…but your wallet will thank you!

scan0013 My Grandfather Is A Bad Ass

Here’s to The Greatest Generation.





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