Carolyn Phillips: 2017 Wellness Trends

It’s time for your physical, nutritional, and motivational meet-up with Carolyn Phillips!

Yes, it’s a new year, but don’t worry– Carolyn Phillips has something a little more fun to discuss rather than the old “sticking to your health goals” song and dance.  Instead she’s running down some cool new wellness trends we can look forward to in 2017!

Wellness Vacations

These treks are a hybrid of boot camps, retreats, spa therapy sessions, and more things that refresh and rejuvenate your body.  Unlike typical vacations, wellness vacations will leave you revived and renewed, and full of energy!

Stay Well Rooms

Many select hotels are offering health and wellness-oriented rooms, which include upgrades such as organic mattresses, posture-supporting floors, and more things to make you look and feel better.

Recovery For Fitness Fanatics

Boot Camps and other high intensity workouts are still very trendy in 2017… but many people are getting injured for a variety of reasons.  The new part of this trend is that more of us are realizing we need time to recover from those kinds of workouts.  Thing like pilates, yoga, foam rolling, and meditation are all perfect solutions when you need recovery wellness exercises.

Inflammation Fighting Foods

In 2017, more and more people will be filling their grocery carts with healthier foods, and getting rid of processed foods.  It’s been a long time leading up to this, but more and more of us are realizing all the benefits.

Nutritional Beverages

Ultra-healthy beverages are taking the place more and more instead of soda and energy drinks.  The new focus is drinks with probiotics, fiber, protein, or omega-3s, which are all way better alternatives than tons of sugar!

Clean Beauty

This new trend in style focuses on non-toxic skin care, and there are more beauty products (even entire exclusively non-toxic stores) which are organic and natural, cutting out chemicals and preservatives.

For your one-stop fitness resource online, visit Carolyn’s website, Fit Behavior!

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