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Try This Amazing Experiment With Your Cat!

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Maryland have created music specifically for CATS.

They based the tempo on purring and scratching, and the pitch on meowing. It’s complicated, but the frequency range cats use when they meow is about an octave higher than human voices. And cats move through frequencies when they meow, so the researchers used a lot of sliding notes. And apparently it WORKS.

When the researcher played regular music to a test group of 47 cats, they didn’t respond. But when they played the special music, the cats got excited and rubbed up against the speakers.

Here’s a sample of one of the pieces they created. It’s called “Spooks Ditty”.

The scientists believe the music could be good for animal shelters and veterinary clinics, to help cats feel at ease . . . or even just at home, when your cat is stressed out.

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