Bumbling Actors Embarrass Themselves at The Oscars

Don’t you just love these actors at The Academy Awards? They get up there, and they start to bumble and fumble and can’t seem to put a sentence together. They’re reading off a teleprompter.

Why do they need a teleprompter? These are the same people that memorize pages and pages and pages of dialogue when they’re shooting a film, and they get to the Oscars, and they have maybe four to six sentences to speak, and they can’t memorize them? This is what they do for a living!

Here’s what we do. You take that giant, decadent, and completely unnecessary gift bags away from anyone that can’t deliver his or her presenting speech in a completely professional way. You nail it, you get the bag. You start stuttering and blow it, you get squat.

Oh, and get rid of the teleprompter.

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