Carolyn Phillips Talks Skinny Myths That Are Really Making You Fat

Fit-inista Carolyn Phillips– our on air personal trainer– is back with more tips to get you in shape and what you need to do to stay that way!

There are many myths running amok that fool you into thinking they’re healthy choices when in reality, they aren’t. Carolyn will help you navigate around these murky decoys.

Working Out Seven Days a Week or More

Not necessarily beneficial, as it can weaken your immune system, strain your joints or cause burnout. Plus, it can increase production of the stress hormone, cortisol. You actually store a little bit of fat when that happens and you burn less calories.

Cardio is the Best Thing to Burn Fat

NOT true! As we age, we lose lean mass or muscle tissue and that burns lots of calories 24 hours a day. So as you age, weight training is more important to increase your mass so you burn more calories throughout the day. Cardio alone is only going to burn for that time you’re doing it. Muscle burns 24 hours a day.

Starting a Diet Will Make You Thin

If you’re gonna only focus on reducing calories to lose weight, you’re going to lose lean mass and then you slow your metabolism down. Low calories alone is not the way to go. Take a look at your lifestyle and look at what you eat right now. Make those slow changes and that’s what works long-term.

Using the Scale to Determine Your Success

It doesn’t measure whether you’re losing lean mass or water. It may show that you gained three pounds, but it might not be anything. You have to go by your clothes, what you’re putting into your body every day, and how you feel. Calibrated scales are better.

Diet Sodas and Diet Foods

Anything that’s low fat, low sugar, reduced, etc. Be careful with these because they take out a lot of the nutrient values and add a lot of high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils. They can also set off a hormone in your body that actually makes you crave more food.

Carolyn Phillips: Skinny Myths That Are Really Making You Fat

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