The Gadgetista Talks iPhone 6 Rumors

She knows all things technologically, uh, technological.  She’s smarter than Damon when it comes to stuff… she’s The Gadgetista!

With everyone buzzing about the new iPhone 6, The Gadgetista wanted to talk about some rumors of what’s in store.  Read on to see what you need to know about the latest development from Apple!

The Screen is Bigger

The new phone will have a MUCH larger screen– 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, which is much bigger.

Nearfield Communication

Apple did not do this before, but the iPhone 6 will have an NFC which allows you to use your phone to pay for things.


There is an option to create tags on your phone, which allow your phone to do certain things.  For example, you can wave your phone to turn on the wifi or turn off GPS.

When’s It Coming?

The announcement for the iPhone 6 is September 9th, and the 4.7″ phone will be out September 19th.  The 5.5″ will be later, but no date has yet been given.

What’s the Price?

There has not been an official price announcement yet, but the Gadgetista is betting somewhere in the $600 to $700 range, but it will vary by which model you choose and how much memory it includes.

Memory Size

One of the iPhone 6 models will include 128 GB of storage, which is a LOT!  This means people who can’t always access the Cloud can keep more stuff right on their phone instead.

Pure Sapphire Screen

On a scale of one to ten when it comes to hardness, pure sapphire is like a 9.  A steel knife would be 5.5, to give you some reference.  This would mean the iPhone 6’s screen would be among the strongest and most damage resistant ever.

Design Changes

The power button will move to the side, which should make it much easier to turn the larger device on and off.  The buttons will be elongated and pill-shaped, and will be further recessed so you won’t accidentally hit them when you don’t mean to.  And the thickness is shrinking to 7mm (from 7.6mm).

New Camera

The phone’s camera will change, including optical image stabilization.  This is cool because you will be able to take pictures without shaking– the camera will correct for it.

Keep in mind, none of the iPhone 6 info is 100% confirmed– Apple likes to keep their new products in the dark until they reveal them– but we will know everything in a few short weeks when they make their big announcement in September.

For more on the latest developments in the world of technology, visit The Gadgestista online at!

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