Project Closet: Debbie Wright’s 5 Steps To Instantly Enhance Your Style

Fashionista, Style Consultant and Author, Debbie Wright is back with more style tips for your closet, and your business!  Check out her tips, then get ready to reinvent YOUR wardrobe!

If you don’t love the clothes in your closet, you’re not feeling great about yourself, and that means it’s time for action.  Debbie has five steps to simply, quickly and easily upgrade your style, and have you looking and feeling better in no time!

1. Get Real

Identify what your shape is today.  We tend to get judgmental about our own bodies, but it’s super important to be conscious of your shape and how to flatter it.  Always remember– you’re a shape, not a size.  Work with what you’ve got.

2. Highlight Your Best Body Parts

Be kind to yourself!  If you’ve got a small waist, let’s look at that!  Stay positive and find the aesthetic choices that will enhance your best features and have them looking as great as possible.  From there, start learning what styles of clothes flatter that body part.

3. Make Your Own Mannequin

This can be as simple as cutting out images from magazines and making a collage.  It gives you a road map to find combinations and looks that you love, you can create them on your own.

4. Go To the Experts

We go to experts for everything else in our lives, so why not do the same when it comes to style?  Utilize those people in the stores– that’s what they are there for.  Ask the employees for help and you’ll be surprised what advice they can give you.

5.  Purge

After you have your new, improved look, it’s time to go back to the closet and get rid of that stuff that no longer makes you feel good.  If you put something on which doesn’t make you feel good, that doesn’t set a great tone for the day.  You want to look and feel good every day!  Donate, recycle and reuse.

Debbie Wright's 5 Steps To Instantly Enhance Your Style

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For more tips for your closet or your business, check out Debbie Wright’s website at… and LIKE her new Facebook page Debbie Wright for Legacy QVC

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