The Gadgestista Talks Cell Phone Courtesy Month

She knows all things technologically, uh, technological.  She’s smarter than Damon when it comes to stuff… she’s The Gadgetista!

July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month, so The Gadgetista has some tips for how to stay courteous and polite while using your phone in public.  Here’s her tips

Dude, Turn Your Ringer Down!

We’ve all been there– a person gets a call they don’t want to take, so they let the phone just ring and ring and ring… Not cool!  Especially if they have a really annoying ring tone.  Just reject the call or turn it down with the Down button.

Don’t Ignore the Person in Your Presence

The person you are with should be the most important.  If you’re expecting an important call or text, let the person you’re with know that, so they can expect it.  Otherwise, keep your attention on the people physically around you, so you don’t make them feel insignificant.

Don’t Discuss Private Issue in Public

We live in such a small world, and people know other people, so if you talk about something you shouldn’t be saying in public, someone else might overhear you and repeat it to someone you know.  Keep your dirty laundry to yourself!

Don’t Text and Drive

It’s called distracted driving for a reason– when you are behind the wheel, you need to stay focused on the road and traffic.  Beyond texting, even if you’re using the phone for directions, do it before you leave, or if you get lost, pull off the road and check your map then.  You can hide your phone if you want to– leave it in the back seat or in your purse so you’re not tempted– or you can hook up your phone to the car’s Blu Tooth and go hands-free.

Gadgetista: Cell Phone Courtesy Month

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