The Date Doctor: Dating Dress Code in the Summer

If you’re looking for love, then listen up– Jaimy Blazynski, the Date Doctor is here!

People can really screw this up in the Summer, so Jaimy is here to share some tips on proper dating dress code during the heat.

Beach Bags and Cover Ups Are Meant For the Beach

If you’re going on a date, don’t bring a beach bag full of crap.  You look like a nervous nelly, carrying 8,000 things in her bag because she never knows what she’ll need.  And there’s a difference between a beach cover up and a cute little sun dress.  Be mindful of how sheer your cover is, before you step out for a date.

Bra Straps

Maybe when you’re 16, you can show your bra straps, but otherwise keep them hidden.  Google tricks on how to hide them, because it looks tacky to have those straps showing.  You can also go the strapless bra route, but if you do that make sure your outer wear matches and covers what it’s supposed to.  Along with that, if your bra is ill fitting, never wear it with a form-fitting top.


If you’re wearing a fitted dress or white pants, avoid bunchy underwear which would display lines or dark underwear which will show through a thin fabric.  Look at your ass before you go on your date to make sure what you’re wearing is appropriate!

If you’re going thong, be sure to be careful it doesn’t lead to trouble later in the date.


If you’re going to wear sandals, accept the fact that you’re exposing your feet.  Clip your toenails and NEVER wear socks with sandals.

Farmer’s Tans

A lot of men get farmer’s tans– or even worse the wifebeater farmer’s tans– so guys, be mindful and cover up those awkward tan lines to make sure you look presentable.


A peeve for Jaimy is long jeans with flip flops, which can look very tacky.  If you’re doing long pants, wear slip on shoes, sneakers or loafers instead.  This means you’ll be comfortable, but not TOO comfortable.

For more advice on your love, life and relationships– or for a free tip on your dating profile– check out the Date Doctor’s website at

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