Top 6 Auditions That Changed Your Favorite Shows

When they’re casting TV shows, sometimes the producers have one thing in mind for a character.  Then an actor NAILS their audition, and the character gets changed to fit them (or a completely new one is created)!

Here’s a list of 6 actors who changed the look of some massive shows thanks to their impressive auditions.

1.  Lisa on “Saved by the Bell”.  She was played by LARK VOORHIES, who’s African-American.  The role originally called for Lisa to be a Jewish girl from Long Island. Thankfully, Lark’s audition was so awesome, producers removed their heads from their arses and cast Lark as Lisa. The rest, is Saved by the Bell history!

2.  Dana Scully on “The X-Files”.  She was played by GILLIAN ANDERSON, who’s 5-foot-3 and had red hair.  But they originally wanted a tall, busty, blonde actress. I totally cannot imagine Scully as a buxom blonde, although Mulder may have enjoyed that….no wait, I’m confusing Mudler with the REAL David Duchovny.

3.  Sun on “Lost”.  She was Jin’s wife, and didn’t even exist at first.  The actress, YUNJIN KIM auditioned for the part of Kate, which went to Evangeline Lilly. But the producers liked her so much, they created a new character. Talk about excellent first impression!

4.  The Doctor on “Dr. Who”.  A lot of people have played him.  We’re specifically talking about MATT SMITH, who played him from 2010 until last year, when Peter Capaldi got the part.  Back in 2010, the producer was adamant the character had to be 40 or older.  Then they cast Smith, who was 27 at the time. But I’m sure Matt could have jumped in his Tardis after his audition and tried again if the producers hadn’t liked him. Wink, wink.

5.  Garcia on “Criminals Minds”.  She was supposed to be a GUY named Garcia.  But the producers loved KRISTEN VANGSNESS, and made the character a woman. Yes! Girl power!!

6.  Daryl on “The Walking Dead”.  In the comic books, he doesn’t even EXIST.  NORMAN REEDUS originally auditioned for the part of Daryl’s brother, Merle.  But they liked him so much, they built Daryl around him. Just think, Walking Dead fans wouldn’t have their “If Daryl dies, we riot” shirts had Norman Reedus not shown up to audition that day!

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