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The Date Doctor: Slang Words To Know About

If you’re looking for love, then listen up– Jaimy Blazynski, the Date Doctor is here!

The Date Doctor is here to share some vocab words and slang which you might hear in the dating world… How many of these have you heard of?


You’ll know this by a person’s introduction– “Hi, this is my, umm, friend…”  If you’re an “Umm, friend,” that’s all you are, someone they’re not quite sure that status of.

Date Zero

When people meet on match, they’re sometimes afraid to call it a date– a “Date Zero” is a first-time meeting, with no idea if there will be any attraction.  Date Zeroes can turn into a first date, if you both stick around, but there’s no real obligation.


Say two single people are friends, and one of them asks the other to grab a drink after work.  In the middle of the get-together, one person says something romantic or compliments the other person… this can be discovered to be an accidental date, where one or both people don’t know what the true nature of their time together is.


When you’re “going solo,” the Solodex is the image and people that will help you get to where you need to get.  Hopefully it’s something that just remains in your head and not a physical Solodex, because.. yuck.

Grey Ratio

When you look at your text messaging, the incoming messages are typically grey.  If the grey ratio on the conversation is small and the outgoing messages are big… that’s an uneven Grey Ration, which means you seem more interested and invested than they are.  Look at your text messages and check the Grey Ratio, to make sure you have the advantage in the relationship.

For more advice on your love, life and relationships– or for a free tip on your dating profile– check out the Date Doctor’s website at got5minutes.com.

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