10 Things Better Than Losing Your Virginity

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(Ben Watts for Atlantic Records)

(Ben Watts for Atlantic Records)

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Singer Ed Sheeran says selling out Madison Square Garden was BETTER than losing his virginity.

I can believe that…in fact I think there are probably lots of things better than someone’s FIRST time.  I mean, let’s be honest, the first time is usually sloppy and messy and embarrassing and well…not very satisfying.

So here are my 10 things that are way better than losing your virginity:

1. Graduating from high school.

2. Graduating from college.

3. Falling in love.

3. Getting engaged.

4. Getting married.

5. Giving birth.

6. Your baby’s first word, first steps, first anything!

7. Watching old movies in your pj’s.

8. Running a marathon.

9. Skydiving.

10. Champagne & caviar with my husband…which leads to the second and third time….but, that’s another story!

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