The Date Doctor Talks How To Put Yourself Out There Properly

If you’re looking for love, then listen up– Jaimy Blazynski, the Date Doctor is here!

Jaimy has been doing a ton of makeovers, so she wanted to revisit some helpful tips and what to do– and NOT to do– to put yourself out there in the best way possible.

1. Don’t Start With Your Past Match Experience

Some people knock saying how they got sick of it then came back… Who cares?

2.  No Tiny Pictures

You need a nice, big picture to show off the best side of yourself.  If you upload a tiny little thumbnail image for your Match profile, it suggests you’re either trying to hide something about your appearance, or you are that clueless technologically that you can’t figure it out.  Neither appears too attractive, honestly.

3.  Don’t Tell Your Dating Philosophy

Never tell your philosophy of dating in your profile– it’s corny and full of crap.  Guys, if you’re thinking of posting something like “I believe that any true love starts with communicating…” just shut up.  Trying to sound deep doesn’t often work for a first impression– not all women want a really deep guy, and some people just pretend to be deep by delivering all those quasi-smart lines they just think you want to hear.

4.  No Super Vague Profiles

Some people’s profiles stay very vague with no real insight into your hobbies, personality or opinions.  This can make you seem too guarded, like someone will never get to really know you.  Let people know who you are, but keep a balance.

5.  Don’t Over Share in Your Profile

If you let others know TOO MUCH, their impression might be that you can’t shut up, which can be annoying.  If your profile is like 8 paragraphs long, nobody is going to want to read it.  They want to see some clear pictures so they know what you look like (maybe three), and two short, concise paragraphs that tell about you.  And SHOW, don’t TELL– rather than explain that you are happy, funny and sarcastic, write something that proves it!

6.  Don’t Share What You Don’t Want

That only tells others what crap you put up with.  It’s never good to start out with negativity, and complaining about past relationship problems probably won’t help set you up with anyone better.

For more advice on your love, life and relationships– or for a free tip on your dating profile– check out the Date Doctor’s website at

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