IMPACT: O.A.R. Go Back to Their Roots On ‘The Rockville LP’

Almost two decades into their career, O.A.R. will release The Rockville LP on June 10th via Vanguard Records. Recorded in Nashville, Maryland and New York City, the album’s name comes from the very city that the band formed in Maryland back in 1996.

“This isn’t about us going back to our musical roots per se,” said lead singer Marc Roberge, who founded O.A.R. in 1996 with high school classmates, drummer Chris Culos, guitarist Richard On, and bassist Benj Gershman (saxophonist Jerry DePizzo joined while the group was at Ohio State University). “It’s about us getting inspired by the place we came from. We’d drive the same roads, visit the old haunts, spend time with our people. Rockville was the catalyst then, and it’s the catalyst now.”

O.A.R. recorded their eighth studio album The Rockville LP with the hope to encapsulate their live sound.

“Every true band always wants and always tries to bring the live energy onto their album,” Roberge said. “For some reason, it’s the most elusive thing, so I’ll never say we nailed it, I’ll just say we gave it everything we had on this album.”

Roberge wrote their newest single, “Peace” with Blair Daly and Nashville-based producer Nathan Chapman, best known for his work with Taylor Swift, after Roberge introduced himself to Chapman at an event in Los Angeles. In addition to writing “Peace,” Chapman and Roberge wrote “Favorite Song,” “Two Hands Up” and “We’ll Pick Up Where We Left Off” for the release.

“We felt like we were on to something with an overwhelming freedom to chase down some more songs,” Roberge said.

The Rockville LP will be released on June 10. Listen to “Peace” below.

The Rockville LP Track Listing

01. Two Hands Up
02. We’ll Pick Up Where We Left Off
03. Peace
04. The Element
05. Favorite Song
06. So Good So Far
07. The Architect
08. Place To Hide
09. Caroline the Wrecking Ball
10. I Will Find You


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