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Ask Jaimy, with The Date Doctor

If you’re looking for love, then listen up– Jaimy Blazynski, the Date Doctor is here!

It’s time for another round of Ask Jaimy, where our very own Date Doctor answers your burning questions about love, dating and romance.  Read on for the latest answers!

Can “sexting” someone too soon be a deal breaker or a turn off?

The only difference between sex too soon and “sexting” too soon is you can’t catch a disease or get pregnant… But if you sext the wrong person, you could wind up in prison which is worse than a disease.  Jaimy thinks it’s too risky to sext at all; it’s so easy to accidentally send a pic to the wrong person.  But if you really want to do it, be mindful and courteous, and make sure it’s something the person you’re sexting WANTS to get.

I have a date with a new girl that I really like.  i invited her to dinner and a movie and she said that was too lame and come up with something creative.  Can you help?

This lady has a date with a great guy– It’s perfectly fine to say you’re not into a date idea, but be polite about it, and suggest something as an alternative.  Otherwise you’re setting up a lot of undue pressure, just for a first date.  Jaimy thinks if someone (guy or girl) is going to criticize the idea for a FIRST DATE and not help come up with a better solution, it’s time to say goodbye already.

My kids don’t like the guy I’m dating.  he’s strict with them and says I’m not tough enough.  This leads to way too many arguments.

Maybe he’s right?  Instead of leading to an argument, listen to what he says and be open to the possibility that you are being a pushover.  Most single moms have some guilt issues and they over-coddle, and it can be really annoying for a guy to watch that.

My best platonic guy friend is dating a girl who is so rude to me.  Is there a way to get my guy friend back and have this girl stop interfering in our friendship?

The reality is, when you have a great platonic friend and one of you falls in love with somebody else, that’s what happens.  It’s sad and it can be hard for you and your friend, but sometimes it’s just the way of things.

Have you ever broken up with someone and know it’s ultimately for the best, but you’re so deeply in love you can’t move on?

Love does not conquer all.  If you know it’s for the best and you need to break up with someone… there’s a reason it’s not working.  You can convince yourself this is so hard, or you can be realistic, and look at the honest reasons you need to end the relationship instead.  If you know it didn’t or won’t turn out, why waste any more time than you have already?

For more advice on your love, life and relationships– or for a free tip on your dating profile– check out the Date Doctor’s website at got5minutes.com.

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