Carolyn Phillips Talks Chips

Fit-inista Carolyn Phillips– our on air personal trainer– is back with more tips to get you in shape and what you need to do to stay that way!

Chips are a staple of summer foods, but unfortunately they’re just not that good for you.  Carolyn Phillips breaks the bad news and offers a lowdown on those salty, crunchy, junky treats.

Potatoes are good, they have a lot of nutritional value… but the big problem when they get turned into chips is the processing.  There’s a chemical called acrylamide, a byproduct of processing, which has been related to cancer.

Even the “healthier” chips like Pop Chips are still processed, so they lost all the nutrients that the foods they come from would provide.  They also lose the fiber and more.  And baked chips are actually worse or as bad as fried, too!  Even rice cakes, which many people consider an alternative to chips, aren’t very good for you– they’re high glycemic, and now many add salts and sugars and various flavorings.

Chips lead to weight gain because they are high in calories, high blood pressure because of the sodium content, and they’re addictive, so you tend to overeat them.

There’s one good thing that happened back in 2006, when the FDA required food labels to show breakouts of fats, so that has lowered the trans fat levels in many chips.

So what ARE some good alternatives to all these bad chips?  Carolyn suggests kale or spinach chips, which are delicious, and if you’re in the mood for something sweeter, try banana chips or apple chips.  The packaged ones will be loaded with sugar, but it’s easy to make your own at home.

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