See These Baby Birds Hatch In Time For Mother’s Day

There’s a Robin’s nest in our back yard.

The boys found it and have been carefully checking the nest daily to see if there’s any new life to celebrate.

Well, just in time for Mother’s Day, the eggs hatched!

I’m gonna have to dust off the wonderful children’s book, “Are You My Mother” and read it to my boys tonight.

The book is about a baby bird who falls from his nest then searches high and low for his mom. He asks everyone and everything he encounters, “Are you my mother?” He finally ends up back in his nest after a ‘snort’ lifts him back to safety…where he does indeed find his mother.

It’s a sweet story my mom used to lovingly read to me and I still have my childhood copy.

Even though my boys are 9 and 11 now, they’re never too old to be reminded of a mother’s love…be it from a bird in our back yard, a bird in a book or their very own momma bird.

Happy Mother’s Day one and all!

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