15 Things That Instantly Make A Guy More Attractive

“Cosmo” came up with a list of 15 things that instantly make a guy more attractive.  Check ’em out . . .along with my own snarky comments.

1.  Being unaware of their own hotness. (Trust me, they’re aware…cough, cough…Zac Efron.)

2.  Being able to banter and hold a conversation. (Yes, that’s hot…but you forgot to mention ‘funny’. Funny is hot.)

3.  A nice low voice, or an accent. (Even HOTTER.)

4.  Not blatantly checking out other women. (Well, men who do that are either drunk or stupid or both.)

5.  Being able to cook at least one dish well . . . especially breakfast. (We all know why you want him to cook BREAKFAST, Cosmo. Hint: He slept over.)

6.  Being good with kids. (But not too good cuz that’s CREEPY.)

7.  Immediately loving her pet.  Even if it’s a cat. (Um, Cosmo…what do you mean by “cat”?)

8.  Having a dog. (Not a dawg, cuz those guys are idiots.)

9.  Tipping well. (Yes, definitely makes a man hawt.)

10.  Not answering texts when you’re out together. (ALL MEN SHOULD READ THIS ONE. THANK YOU)

11.  Kicking ass at their job. (Especially if their job IS kicking ass)

12.  Putting on or taking off a tie.  (Who cares..this one is dumb.)

13.  Wearing shoes instead of sneakers. (Wrong, I like sneaks.)

14.  Rolled-up sleeves. (Oooh, like on a construction worker wearing a tool belt….)

15.  Dark jeans that fit well. (And that come off easily.)

Well, thank you Cosmo. That was super-helpful.

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