Acoustic Q&A: 5 Seconds of Summer Interview

5 Seconds of Summer have had a meteoric rise to fame, and they talked all about it– and answered some questions from their biggest fans in Connecticut– right after their Acoustic Cafe performance.  Check out Gina’s entire interview with the band!

Australian sensations 5 Seconds of Summer caught fire on YouTube, racking up some serious web hits before being tapped to tour with One Direction.  Despite how quickly their star rose, the boys are just glad to be doing what they’re doing. “We’re still really young… we had to grow up a lot, really quickly in the space of a year,” said Ashton Irwin.  “It was a big step for us boys, but we’re proud.”

The band is grateful for more than their opportunity on the One Direction tour– they also feel the band helped teach them how to be stars. “We watched the way they treated people, and treated people well,” Micheal Clifford recalled. “And how hard they worked.”

Now 5 Seconds of Summer is out on their own, playing sold out shows all over the United States, but they took the time to answer some questions from their biggest fans in Connecticut before their show at the Toyota Oakdale Theater.

Lauren asked:  what is the last album or song you bought, aside from your own?

Ashton: “I bought the Imagine Dragons album, I just bought Wings.”

Luke: “I got the OneRepublic album.”

Calum: “I have no idea what I bought, I just listen on Spotify.”

Cory asked: When was the last time you broke the law, and which law?

Calum: “I jaywalked the other day.  That was pretty intense, really.”

Luke: “We were all in a car today, and we didn’t have our seat belts on.  We broke the law!”

Brianna asked: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you?  A while back, someone hired the band male strippers, and that was about as strange as it got for them.

Ashton:”That’s one of the weirdest things.  When you have male strippers up at your house, and you have no idea what to do, it’s very strange.”

Luke: “It’s a pretty awkward situation.”

Lindsay asked: What’s the weirdest, strangest thing you’ve seen in Connecticut so far?

Luke: “Their love for the Dunmkin Donuts.  They love to Dunkin’ Donut.  [In Australia] we have Donut King.”

Katie asked: What Song do you Listen to most while on tour?

Ashton: “It changes every tour.”

Micheal: “I listen to a lot of pop punk kind of stuff, and R&B, it really does vary.”

Luke: “In the dressing room today, it was Boys Like Girls, tomorrow it will be like whoever.”

Calum: “We listen to a lot of Sum 41.”

Gina J was curious how exactly 5 Seconds of Summer came up with their band name, which is not quite as eventful as you’d imagine. “It doesn’t have any sort of story,” Calum said. “I wish it did, we were just trying to think of a  name in school,” Micheal added.  “I sent them a message and said ‘Hey guys, I’m naming the band 5 Seconds of Summer,’ and they were like ‘Okay. We’re cool with that.'”

“When you’re in a band in school, you just pick your name because you’re not expecting it to last very long,” said Luke.  With their fanbase getting even bigger, and with more touring and music on the horizon, that’s clearly not the case for 5 Seconds of Summer– they won’t be going away any time soon.

5 Seconds of Summer Interview

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