The Dreaded Double Sports Bra Running Excuse Destroyed

I’ve run 3 marathons a slew of 13.1’s, jumped outta planes, did a Tough Mudder blah blah blah.  That’s all ancient history.

See, I found this annoyingly poignant quote the other day. It said something like, “how can you start the next chapter in your life if you keep focusing on the last one?” I thought holy crap, that’s so ME!

So I’ve gained weight these past two years after getting sidelined from a running injury.  Now, I’m recovered and ready to start over.  Hey, starting over trumps quitting every time.

I’ve missed running. I really am happy when I am immersed in a running lifestyle. But running may not be your thing.

Here’s another simple but true anonymous quote, “the best exercise is bar-none the one you’ll actually DO.”

What’s your excuse? Write it down, crumble it up and burn it. Then get your ass back out there.

Here’s how I got myself off the couch and into my running clothes today. And for the record, my biggest excuse is having to wear two damn sports bras at the same time.

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