Carolyn Phillips: 5 Signs You Should Break Up With Your Workout Routine

Fit-inista Carolyn Phillips– our on air personal trainer– is back with more tips to get you in shape and what you need to do to stay that way!

Just like romantic relationships, sometimes your workout routine just doesn’t “work out.”  Carolyn is here to share five signs that it might be time to break up with your exercise program.

1. You Are Always Getting Hurt

A lot of people just started working out in the New Year, and they tend to overdo it.  They get irritable, they’re tired and have new aches and pains.  So it’s easy to hide actual, legitimate pain within that early exercise discomfort, but if you keep feeling sore and tired and angry after exercise, maybe you need a new routine?

2. You Have Plateaued

If you are going to the gym and doing your work out, your physiology, your body and your mind will start to adapt.  So you need some periodization, to change up the cycle of your exercise so your body can’t adapt and keeps being challenged.

3. You’re Gaining Weight

Sometimes you can gain weight due to muscle mass, but many times people think just because they are working out they can eat more, and that’s not the case.  You need to balance the workout and your diet to be truly effective.

4. You Only Do the Moves You Like

If you only do what you like, you are more likely to get injured.  Focusing on just one thing leads to over-developed and under-developed muscles.

5. You Are Dreading Your Workout

You want to evaluate your environment, your music, the people you work out around… if you’re starting to dread doing your routine, you need to shake it up– Find the people, place and things that motivate you.

Carolyn Phillips: 5 Signs You Should Break Up With Your Workout Routine

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