The Date Doctor: Moving On

If you’re looking for love, then listen up– Jaimy Blazynski, the Date Doctor is here!

You know how some people break up and are like “Yeah, whatever” and others are like “Oh my God, my life is over!”  Jaimy is here to address those people who can’t move on and make their experience a little less dramatic.  Here’s her advice.

1. Don’t Get Too Attached to Somebody You Don’t Know

All the pain of a break up is based on attachment.  No matter how “perfect” someone seems to be for you, they’re NOT perfect if you don’t know them… and they’re also not perfect for you if they’re not into you.  Don’t convince yourself this kind of break up is a tragedy, because it isn’t.

2.  Manage Expectations

Don’t convince yourself that this guy or girl will be a husband or wife, right out of the gate.  take it slow, and focus on the present– tell yourself it’s going to be a fun date with a nice person.  Don’t expect it to be the end all, be all, because that opens you up to get hurt, and makes you look needy and annoying.  That can scare away a perfectly nice person.

3.  Don’t Believe It’s Going To Tank

Believing a relationship is going to tank, creates tank.  Go in to a date with an open mind and stay positive– this will fire you up and have you appearing your best.

4.  Get a Life Outside Dating

If your only hobby is going out with people, you are more likely to get attached and get hurt.

5.  Get Out and Get Over It

If you have a bad break up, don’t sit at home and cry over some jerk… Get out there, have a great night with friends, on your own, or even try a singles event, which the Date Doctor will be hosting soon.  Check her website for the latest updates!

Date Doctor: Moving On

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