The Date Doctor: When Your Parents Date…

If you’re looking for love, then listen up– Jaimy Blazynski, the Date Doctor is here!

Here’s something a lot of people experience– what do you do when your parents date?  Jaimy breaks it down for little kids, teenagers and adults.


When you’re a little kid and your parents date, it can be a challenge.  Folks should never involve their little children in their dating life, and never let them be the judge of who you date.  Divorcees feel bad about the divorce, they feel bad for the kid, and the kid can easily hate the new boyfriend or girlfriend, because they are changing the rules.  Don’t push away a new relationship in a case like this, because you and your kid can learn something and end up with a great relationship.


Teenagers can be fun– you shouldn’t hide the fact you’re dating, tell them, and share as much as you want about your dates… just don’t drag them through the drama.  If you break up, don’t try to recruit your teenager to your side and have them start hating your ex as well.  And keep it in balance– you don’t want your teen to think your relationship defines you, because you send a message that relationships are TOO important.


The biggest complaint for adult children have when their parents date is the new boy or girlfriend is after their money.  Well, too bad!  Even if your rich 80 year old father is dating a gorgeous 50 year old, he earned that money and he can spend it however he wants.  You need to be happy for them, especially as your parents age.  You don’t want to wind up feeling guilty that you ruined the last years of happiness for them.  Keep your relationship with your parents healthy, and accept that they’re going to make their own choices, whether you like them or not.

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