Project Closet: Debbie Wright’s Top Wedding Trends

Fashionista, Style Consultant and Author, Debbie Wright is back with more style tips for your closet, and your business!  Check out her tips, then get ready to reinvent YOUR wardrobe!

Even traditional things like weddings have room for new trends, and Debbie is here to share some of the top trends in wedding style right now.  So brides-to-be, maids of honor and everybody else… you may want to pay attention!

1.  Vintage

Many brides this year will be taking inspiration from the 1920s.  It’s a really cool throwback look, and adda vintage appeal for a lot of the wedding scene– expect to see lots of fur wraps, hair embellishments, bowties and more styles, all come back in vogue.

2.  Feathers & Accents

This kind of follows suit with the vintage idea– feathers and other accents are really popular.  They can be used as dress accents, in the hair or as wedding decor.

3.  Lace

Whether it’s flowers wrapped in lace, or lace gowns, this material adds a beautiful, romantic layer to a wedding.  This also keeps with the vintage concept, and it can make for a beautiful effect.

4.  Dramatic Backs & Sleek Silhouettes

2014 brides will see more sleek fabric and dramatic cuts in the back, a big deviation from the Princess ball gowns.  The traditional gowns are always in style, but there’s going to be more variety, and more ways to show off those curves.

5.  Colors

For bridesmaids dresses and any wedding decor, shades of blue will be a popular color this year.  This can range from deep navy to shades of turquoise, great for a beach themed wedding.  If you’re getting married in 2014, consider going blue!

Wedding Trends

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