Sam Hatch’s DVD Picks For The Week: The Wolf of Wall Street, Delivery Man & More

It’s the movie freak and the movie geek– Find out what to buy, what to rent and what to AVOID AT ALL COSTS as Damon talks to local movie reviewer extraordinaire, Sam Hatch from Culture Dogs about this week’s new DVD and Blu Ray releases!

More Oscar winners, the latest from Martin Scorsese and more movies are hitting DVD and Blu Ray this week… get the full rundown from our local movie man, Sam Hatch!

The Wolf of Wall Street

Want a movie to remind you of the debauchery of the 80s and 90s?  Try The Wolf of Wall Street, the latest movie from Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese!  This movie follows a penny stock broker who goers in to a crazy, raunchy whirlwind of sex, drugs and money.  It’s three hours long, and it’s definitely a love it or hate it movie, but Sam really dug it, like pretty much everything Scorsese does.

Delivery Man

Here’s something a little more lighthearted– Vince Vaughn plays a man who donated his sperm to over 500 kids, and about a quarter of them want to know the identity of their father.  It wasn’t exactly a hit, but it’s worth a rental if you’re a Vince Vaughn fan.

The Great Beauty

This Italian flick won best foreign films at the Oscars.  It’s about a journalist who lives the nightlife of Rome, who decides to do something important with his life instead.

Chinese Zodiac

The new Jackie Chan movie also stars Oliver Platt.  Guess Ready to Rumble 2 never came to light?

Odd Thomas

Stephen Sommers, the guy who did The Mummy movies did this new movie about a short order cook who can see dead people.  It’s based on a Dean Koontz book, and it’s worth checking out.

Welcome To The Jungle

Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a former Marine whop hosts a bunch of office workers stranded on a desert island.  Van Damme steals the show– he’s amazing in this comedy!

DVD Picks March 25th

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