The Date Doctor: How We Should Argue

If you’re looking for love, then listen up– Jaimy Blazynski, the Date Doctor is here!

How do you start an argument?  Most people are either passive aggressive, slamming a door and having an attitude, or just immediately flying off the handle.  When we become aware of how immature starting an argument really is, then we can change the way we behave and just say what we want.

Explore the possibility that you might be wrong in an argument– for example, Jaimy and her husband argued forever about the way she parked in the driveway.  Jaimy believed there was no room for her to park closer to the side of the driveway to make room for her husband’s car.  Then one day, instead of fighting about it, Jaimy tried and sure enough, her car fit on the side!  If you can simply own it and consider maybe you’re wrong, you can see their side and avoid an argument.  Pick an easy fight to try this on.

Pick something that your significant other does which drives you crazy, and just accept it.  if you argue every day about the same habits, you should realize they will not change this behavior and you need to just accept it.  Arguing about these un-changing habits doesn’t make anything better, it will just drive you both nuts!

Avoid cryptic passive aggressive messages on social media.  If you post these kinds of messages, people start attacking and commenting and keeping the fight going.  A day later, you could have made up for your own one on one argument, but the Facebook post has grown a life of its own, with friends on both sides ready to keep the battle alive and well, instead of resolved.

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